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Sarah Louise dresses - do they run big or small?

3 replies

electra · 23/06/2011 15:19

I'm looking for a Christening dress for my 2 year old dd. She's only just 2 but if I buy her anything from Gap I always get age 3. In Boden 2-3 is adequate.

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Pinkjenny · 23/06/2011 15:20

True to size in my experience. Dd turned 4yo in May and wore a 4yo Sarah Louise dress in April for ds' christening.


Pagwatch · 23/06/2011 15:39

True to size in my experience too.

Dd had an age 4 and an age 6 for general party dresses and wore them at those ages.


electra · 23/06/2011 22:30

Thanks for replies.

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