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shrugs------only for thin people??

17 replies

polly28 · 16/11/2005 00:16

I am a size 18 with huge tits,haven't tried a shrug on with my black dress (same one as last years xmas do...boring).would like to liven it up a bit and cover my flabby arms. anyone got one who's bigger than usual and look great in it?

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polly28 · 16/11/2005 10:06


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Lizzylou · 16/11/2005 10:08

I tried some on but looked awful, I am pregnant so have even more huge breasts at the moment but am also 5ft 9", built large and pretty broad in the back anyway so have to be careful not to look like a drag queen...I'd go and try some on and get a candid and trusted mate to tell you the truth.

polly28 · 16/11/2005 10:14

lol at drag queen,that's what I was worried about!

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Lizzylou · 16/11/2005 10:15

My 20mth Ds was in the changing room with me and he just looked in horror and said "NononoooNOOOO"....not a good look on me!
I would keep trying them on though...they are al different styles and cuts so you will probably find one to suit!

polly28 · 16/11/2005 10:29

i could take my dd 14,she's brutally honest!

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Lizzylou · 16/11/2005 10:30

Fab! Good luck, let me know how you get on!

Bozza · 16/11/2005 10:55

Hmm - I have been wondering about this. I am not tall, fairly thin, no boobs but a broad back/shoulders. DH thinks they won't suit me. But I agree with trying different styles. Ideally I would like and elegant evening one and a more casual, chunkt one.

polly28 · 16/11/2005 10:57

i saw a nice evening one in monsoon,black and floaty like.It was really expensive,£50 if I remember rightly !

OP posts:
crunchie · 16/11/2005 11:17

I have a couple. And I am a size 16. I have a black mohair 3/4 length sleeve one for daytime wear and a teal green/blue wuth sequins for nighttime.

They are great, I can show my cleveage without showing my fat arms

NomDePlume · 16/11/2005 11:18

I've seen women out and about wearing them and I think they are really flattering on a more curvy figure, than they are hanging off a rake-like skinny

polly28 · 16/11/2005 11:57

ooh sounds more hopeful,thanks

OP posts:
Tamba · 16/11/2005 11:58

whats a shrug?

puff · 16/11/2005 12:04

I look bad in them, I am an F cup and I look like Jordan with one on.

puff · 16/11/2005 12:04

short cardigan type thing tamba

Tamba · 16/11/2005 12:07

ty xx

polly28 · 16/11/2005 13:45

oh lordy,I'm a g cup...maybe not then

OP posts:
puff · 16/11/2005 14:38

one made of sheer material might be ok polly

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