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OK, I do really need help here - by Saturday!

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Gobbledigook · 15/11/2005 22:51

Going out on Saturday night and need a top. I'm wearing a black skirt that is knee length, very fitted around stomach area and flares out a bit below that. Has a green motif round the bottom but generally quite plain. Was going to wear this with knee high pull on stilletto boots and my black velvet jacket with a brooch. Need a top though and can't think what sort of top would go with it.

Can anyone find me one. THe only thing I've seen that might be Ok is this but not sure...

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Gobbledigook · 15/11/2005 22:56


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northerner · 15/11/2005 23:02

Vest top/camisole ideal. Not black though. Go for a bit of colour.

Dior · 15/11/2005 23:09

Message withdrawn

Gobbledigook · 15/11/2005 23:10

Hmm, I know what you mean but would be really tricky to find a top with the same green as the skirt. Got a little green bag (satin with beaded handle) from Accessorise that goes with it. Could get black top but find a green necklace?

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Dior · 15/11/2005 23:11

Message withdrawn

MrsSpoon · 15/11/2005 23:12

I like Dior's suggestion. It might be difficult to find the right shade of green to go with the skirt but you could go with the black top and get a nice necklace and maybe a bracelet with some green in it.

MrsSpoon · 15/11/2005 23:13

Green Crystal here.

MrsSpoon · 15/11/2005 23:15

Grey Sterling Silver top left here, sure I've seen this in real life and it looks green or the shell necklace at the bottom of the page.

MrsSpoon · 15/11/2005 23:16

Love this watch , top right, green.

Gobbledigook · 15/11/2005 23:20

OK, thanks all - I think I'll try a black top but some green sparkle somewhere to compliment it. Quite like the watch!

OP posts:
MrsSpoon · 15/11/2005 23:31

Green eyeshadow is fab too.

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