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long sleeved black or coffee chiffony type top

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harrogatemum · 11/11/2005 13:56

I have my works Xmas party to go to and have a really nice Coast skirt with lots of different coloured ribbon effect on it. I wore it to a wedding with a black camisole and want to wear it again to the works do. However this time I want to cover up my arms as they are a bit blotchy/spotty/generally fat. I fancy some kind of long sleeved but eveningy top, probably in black but could be a coffee colour as its one of the colours in the skirt. Has anyone seen anything/got anything later that fits the bill?

PS bear in mind that I have no chest.

OP posts:
DingDongMaloryOnHigh · 11/11/2005 14:01

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

cod · 11/11/2005 14:08

Message withdrawn

NomDePlume · 11/11/2005 14:08

Long sleeved, black and chiffony

harrogatemum · 11/11/2005 14:11

there is a matching top actually but its one of those bustier thingummys and its a bit overkill on the pattern to wear it all over. I know what you mean about loving Coast - if only I could afford it more often. I just bought a gorgeous cream skirt with flowers on it for my twins christening from there too.

N de P - great top - given me inspiration - ta for that!

OP posts:
NomDePlume · 11/11/2005 14:12

On the Monsson site, under womenswear, occasion wear, tops, there are quite a few chiffony type tops - 'Teyona', 'Anya', 'Chila', 'Alicia', 'Milly'

harrogatemum · 11/11/2005 14:14

Monsoon is good too cod, tried loads on in there yesterday - nice maroony coloured skirt in cord with flowers on it was gorgeous but needed to match brown silky camisole thingy I am wearing (didnt want to have to spend more on another top)

OP posts:
harrogatemum · 11/11/2005 14:16

I like the Milly one - could be a shopping trip in the offing tomorrow....

OP posts:
Enid · 11/11/2005 14:16

short sleeved but nice shrug thing

NomDePlume · 11/11/2005 14:16

Under their Christmas partywear range there is a gorgeous slinky chocolate kaftan for £75, called 'Anna'. Bit steep though !

NomDePlume · 11/11/2005 14:17

Monsoon, that is

harrogatemum · 11/11/2005 14:27

love that shrug Enid - never thought of shoppng at Red Direct - have you shopped with them before?

OP posts:
Enid · 11/11/2005 14:28


bought a bag for me once ageeeeeeeees ago

all fine

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