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How do you do your bikiniline?

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pippylongstocking · 11/11/2005 00:04

I've tried waxing- still comes in all stubbly and get that in between 'spotty' stage. Have now bought a 'trimmer' but it does't shave close enough. Is there anything better?

OP posts:
mamadeux · 11/11/2005 00:13


Chandra · 11/11/2005 00:17

Yes, permanent removal, cost effective in the long term. I tried Aculight ( and made such a difference, faster (and therefore cheaper) than laser.

bloss · 11/11/2005 00:39

Message withdrawn

Skyler · 11/11/2005 05:52

I am having IPL on mine and after one session there is already hardly any hair left. I am amazed. Expensive, but is going to be well worth it.

KristinaM · 11/11/2005 06:41

I wear a swimsuit

bloss · 11/11/2005 07:20

Message withdrawn

KristinaM · 11/11/2005 12:56

I don't have a problem there

NomDePlume · 11/11/2005 12:58


NomDePlume · 11/11/2005 13:00

Like the sound of blasting the little buggers with lasers though

Enid · 11/11/2005 13:02

shave it

its itchy for a day but then fine

I used to wax but got ingrowing hairs - blech

northerner · 11/11/2005 13:04

I use Nair or Immac, but ahte having to do it on a reg basis. How much is the permanat removel?

CarolinaMoon · 11/11/2005 13:05

I generally get to the swimming pool, realise I have spider legs all over and start pulling them out frantically

Are you waxing at home? In my pre-baby life I used to go to a salon for a wax - much better results than at home, I found.

cupcakes · 11/11/2005 13:06

Those spots you're describing are probably ingrowing hairs. Which are yucky. The best way to prevent them is to exfoliate the area so that there aren't any loose skin cells left to grow over the hair. I'm surprised you said it was still stubbly. Did you have it waxed just the once? If so you'll get a second wave of stubble growing through. After you've had them waxed (without shaving inbetween) a few times that stubble goes.

flamesparrow · 11/11/2005 13:30

I shave.... or I did... Now I attempt to, fall over trying to peer round the bump, and end up in a crumpled heap on the floor (learnt after the first attempt that it was more painful if I stayed in the bath and tried to peer round the bump)...

Thinking about getting DH to just rip off the lot with wax

cod · 11/11/2005 13:31

Message withdrawn

Coathanger · 11/11/2005 13:38

I go to the salon and get waxed. Toying with the idea of a brazilian.....not too sure though....

Would never used a home wax kit after that thread a while ago. Can't remember who it was but they had a very interesting and painful experiance with a wax strip....

PrettyCandles · 11/11/2005 14:10

I plait mine.

Skyler · 11/11/2005 15:11

Lol at plaiting!
I am paying the equivalent of £45 for each IPL session (a bit safer than old style laser) plus the cost of a wax (£5). As I say I have only had one and about 75% of the hair has gone already. The lady I see warns you might need up to 12 sessions but about 6 is average. I am hoping to get away with less.....
My professional wax was MUCH less painful than my home attempt and with much better results, but I could never go for a brazilian or hollywood . Actually wouldn't want to either... Anyway that is more than enough info for now...
KristinaM - You are lucky. I have dark hair so it is an issue for me (and only me).

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