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Principles got 30% off all coat

6 replies

diva4mgl · 09/11/2005 20:56

Bought myself parka style coat for 52 pounds, full price was 75.00 So great deal. Very practical shower resistant, with hood and etc....

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yULeYSEES · 09/11/2005 20:57

Wow a bargain! Thanks for posting.

diva4mgl · 09/11/2005 21:01

If there isn`t much online try debenhams. Seems better go to the shop, the size i wanted was out of stock online,so i went to local shop and got it.

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yULeYSEES · 09/11/2005 21:07


ja9 · 09/11/2005 21:15

diva4mgl - link? sounds nice...

diva4mgl · 09/11/2005 21:16

everytime i tried link it goes wrong i gave up

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diva4mgl · 09/11/2005 21:18

ill try again
have a look at this

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