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wow these are ce boots

116 replies

cardQUEENcod · 08/11/2005 09:06

adn cheap toohere great for everyday runnign around

OP posts:
JenumGeranium · 08/11/2005 09:10

Very nice! and not as expensive as I thought they would be!

cardQUEENcod · 08/11/2005 09:10

i know! and comfier than really high heeled ones
,may have t o go and have a butchers

OP posts:
unicorn · 08/11/2005 09:11

ooh yeah like them... but are they ok for elephant sized calves??

cardQUEENcod · 08/11/2005 09:11

i hgave thin claves os bagsy they arent

OP posts:
unicorn · 08/11/2005 09:12

speaking Norweigian now cod??!!!

cardQUEENcod · 08/11/2005 09:13

i have thi calves, so basgy they ARENT for fatties
sorry the O keeps going ont his kepboard.

OP posts:
Fistybit · 08/11/2005 09:24

they are lovely and it's me birthday soon....

colditz · 08/11/2005 09:27

Nice ankle length skirt will cover calves nicely, leaving plenty of scope for us fatties

NomDePlume · 08/11/2005 09:39

Actually, I do like those. Was hoping to hate them so that I could disagree with the cantakerous fish, but alas, it wasn't to be. I can't really buy another pair of boots this autumn, can I ? If I did it would mean that I have 5 pairs of brown boots and 2 pairs of black. In my defence they are all different heel and leg heights...... I could drive in those John Lewis ones too, can't drive in anything with a spindly heel, have to change my shoes

They could be my christmas present to myself, couldn't they ?

cardQUEENcod · 08/11/2005 09:46

and me to me
they are spookily nice arnt ehy
they poppes up soem how are htey ont he home page

OP posts:
NomDePlume · 08/11/2005 09:49

Yeah, they are. Don't really fancy a trip to Solihull though, just to check them out. Will wait for the fishy review

cardQUEENcod · 08/11/2005 09:50

shodul we order online maybe?

OP posts:
NomDePlume · 08/11/2005 09:52

yes, you should

Fistybit · 08/11/2005 09:52

Solihull is just ip the road from me......

expatinscotland · 08/11/2005 09:53

They are very nice indeed. And only 50 quid?! Might have to make a trip down to JL today.

NomDePlume · 08/11/2005 09:58

I have to trundle up the M5 (which I hate) to get there.

cardQUEENcod · 08/11/2005 09:58

god you lot all buyt htem and ill have ot kill you

OP posts:
NomDePlume · 08/11/2005 09:59

S'ok. I won't be wearing mine anywhere near Wiltshire, Cod.

cardQUEENcod · 08/11/2005 10:00

Itll be a mn initation test

" ar ehtey wearing the boots"

OP posts:
NomDePlume · 08/11/2005 10:08

They do look really good and generally JL don't sell crappy quality stuff... Taking myself into it.

cardQUEENcod · 08/11/2005 10:08

and me
s top now

OP posts:
NomDePlume · 08/11/2005 10:10

I'd get loads of wear out of them too.

LIZS · 08/11/2005 10:10

hmmm, nice....

cardQUEENcod · 08/11/2005 12:42

well ndp what do youthink

OP posts:
Gobbledigook · 08/11/2005 12:45

OH they are yummy - would order but htey only have 6s.

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