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When do you become mutton dressed as lamb?

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puff · 01/11/2005 20:57

I tried on a lovely skirt in Next a couple of days ago - black, just below the knee, with a v full skirt. it was really flattering and would look lovely with some black suede boots I have. But I didn't buy it in case it looks too young for me. I am 40 (I know, not that old!) but just don't want to look a twit.

OP posts:
mumfor1sttime · 01/11/2005 21:20

Mutton dressed as lamb is - leopard print tops, make up that makes you look like youve been tangoed, gold handbags, and wearing 6 different designer names at once. To sum up - looking like bet lynch from corrie!
The skirt sounds fine - treat yourself!

dillydally · 02/11/2005 10:37

when someone mistakes you for beverley Callard i think

zippitippitoes · 02/11/2005 10:39

don't think anyone is old enough on mn to be mutton dressed as lamb possible to look like other things though

you will look lovely Puff

handlemecarefully · 02/11/2005 10:42

I don't think you can impose an arbitrary age on this...but I did see a really attractive 40+ woman who looked just ridiculous because she was kitted out in Top Shop styleee. She would have been stunning in something a little less edgey (however not suggesting she should get out the cashmere just yet)

Flum · 02/11/2005 10:46

About 35. Then important to dress appropriately. Vital after that age to buy a few good quality classic items and wear them well. you cannot get away with New Look after the age of 35 in my opinion. Just looks wrong and pitiful.

NomDePlume · 02/11/2005 10:48

pmsl @ 'Beverley Callard'

Flum · 02/11/2005 10:48

By the way that skirt sounds nice and Next clothes are pretty 'careful' anyway. Might be an idea to take a wide girth round Miss Selfridge though.

handlemecarefully · 02/11/2005 10:49

Flum, watch your step I am 37 and wearing New Look trousers

They are however just simple black work appropriate trousers.

How old are you out of interest?

tatt · 02/11/2005 10:54

if you still care what other people think of what you are wearing then you're too young to be mutton dressed as lamb.

puff · 02/11/2005 17:29

lol re Beverly Callard dilly!

OP posts:
cod · 02/11/2005 17:53

Message withdrawn

Flum · 02/11/2005 21:22

argh you're all Mutton gerrrrrilllls

I however am a tasty morsel of lamb noisette as am a yufffull 33.

The cut off age I use is always just a few years older than me allowing me some breathing space.

puff · 02/11/2005 21:51

lol Flum too - I'm going to readjust my cut off age to 43 etc etc

OP posts:
notasheep · 02/11/2005 22:22

Hi joolstoo,I am too still in jeans over 40,and still the same size levis as when i was 18,my bum does not look big,a levi cut is cool,flattering and they do long inside legs!! some ladies take too much notice of the media

iota · 02/11/2005 22:23

I'm still in jeans over 40 and that's my hips as well as my age

puff · 02/11/2005 22:29

Yes, I'm definitely carrying on with jeans into my 40's - gawd I've lost all this weight and it's v exciting to be able to wear them again!

OP posts:
notasheep · 03/11/2005 14:25

Maybe we could form a group of over 40s jeans mums!!!!

moonshine · 03/11/2005 14:36

Puff - have lost track of your fantastic weight-loss as have not really been around recently. And I think it definitely sounds like an image issue rather than age one. I'm having the same problem and think everyone is staring at me just because I am now wearing clothes that are not cover-the-whole-body baggy-black-sacks. Skirt sounds lovely, just avoid the leopard-skin thigh-high boots and bunches in your hair (which I do think can look a bit ridiculous in us, ahem, more mature ladies). Enjoy your new-found slinkiness!

puff · 03/11/2005 14:49

Thanks moonshine.

It is like becoming a completely different person - OK I've been this weight before, but life has changed immeasurably in the 5 years since!

I keep taking bigger sizes in to the changing rooms too - still convinced that I can't possibly get into a particular shop's size 14, then realise I can. It is great, though it's taking some getting used too!

I will really celebrate when I get into a 12 though!

How are you doing btw - you did so well with your weight loss too.

OP posts:
aloha · 03/11/2005 14:57

Can you imagine Elle Macpherson in it? She never looks remotely muttony IMO and she's over 40. Or Yasmin Le Bon. I think they are superb role models.

puff · 03/11/2005 15:03

Yes, good thought Aloha - I'm not quite as gorgeous as them , but especially like Yasmin Le Bon's style.

OP posts:
welshmum · 03/11/2005 15:06

I'm still in jeans too - and in Top Shop more often than I should be...mind you in the Oxford St one there's more women of a certain age than teenagers sometimes. At 9.30am it's empty apart from mums with buggies

motherinferior · 03/11/2005 15:11

Another jeans wearer here.

aloha · 03/11/2005 15:19

Oh, everyone wears jeans.
Especially scuzzy mummies!

moonshine · 03/11/2005 16:21

Well Puff you cannot be far from target then. You might even have to start taking size 12s in soon - you may surprise yourself at them fitting.

I am doing ok. Lost over 8 stones and got to target (have never been this slim - am even wearing size 8 skirts although bum is decidedly not!) but, as I knew I would, am finding it hard living in the 'real' world of 'normal' eating (whatever that is). I think there will always be a fat girl in me struggling to expand out again, but the trick I'm trying to learn is to not let my weight fluctuate more than a few pounds so that it doesn't all go pear shaped (literally!).

And I am 39 and have bought things in New Look, River Island and Primark and I don't bloody care! What are the 'approved' MN shops anyway for us potential muttons?

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