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Simply Be

6 replies

jenk1 · 31/10/2005 17:26

has anyone ever bought from this company and if so, are they any good?


OP posts:
HausOfHorrors · 31/10/2005 18:23

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

jenk1 · 31/10/2005 20:23

bump-anyone else?

OP posts:
octavia · 31/10/2005 21:25

Don't like them at all.very poor quality I found and just dont seem to fit quite right.

jamese · 31/10/2005 21:25

I bought my first order a couple of weeks ago - nothing fitted - some too big, some too small - so need some time to access how their sizes go. (which reminds me, I still haven't gotten around to sending some back)...

serenity · 31/10/2005 21:27

Ditto, quite expensive for the quality and the sizes are very unpredictable ime.

Bewitched · 31/10/2005 21:35

IME the sizes are no more out than any other plus size range. I have had some decent stuff from them - the service is usually pretty good and the quality is ok for the money.

Just don't do what I did the first time I ever used them and take their advice to get a couple of different sizes of the same thing to try on, but on an account, as they tend to only give you £100 limit initially, and then don't send you half the stuff because you have gone over it!!!

Wish Maria Donati were still around. Would have recommended them over Simply Be, but they stopped trading and got bought out by another company who strangely haven't bothered to start them trading again .

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