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fashions that never took off

26 replies

codface · 18/10/2005 13:15

legwarmers second time around

OP posts:
Beetroot · 18/10/2005 13:16

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn

doormat · 18/10/2005 13:17


codface · 18/10/2005 13:18

arm warmers?
thinkt he edwardian thing isnt working
adn i hope the jeans in boots thing goes soon

OP posts:
Medea · 18/10/2005 13:20

how about "silver" or "gold" leather shoes. . .I see them around from time to time but c'mon. .

codface · 18/10/2005 13:21

i likehtem but dh said i looked like bet lynch

OP posts:
Beetroot · 18/10/2005 13:24

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn

Mosschops30 · 18/10/2005 13:25

Message withdrawn

codface · 18/10/2005 13:25

yes id look a nork in them i htink
beyt you d suit the blouse thing

OP posts:
Medea · 18/10/2005 13:25

Highwaisted trousers? I keep hearing that celebs are wearing them in LA, but I just can't see them taking off just now. . .maybe in a few years.

bundle · 18/10/2005 13:26

saw some boot covers (furry, yuk) in Top shop the other day

Beetroot · 18/10/2005 13:26

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn

codface · 18/10/2005 13:26

sorry you lot are makign this up with all the covers things

OP posts:
bundle · 18/10/2005 13:26

(ie spent best part of £200 on lovely pair of boots then cover them with a womble)

bundle · 18/10/2005 13:27

i kid you not cod

two v stylish young women discussing them (this is the oxford circus branch where it's all HAPPENING, obv)

codface · 18/10/2005 13:28

ROAR at womble

OP posts:
bundle · 18/10/2005 13:29

(they're exactly that texture, uncle bulgaria et al)

teeavee · 18/10/2005 13:29

cowl necks - it's such a horrible phrase, for starters.

codface · 18/10/2005 13:31

surely madame cholet
she woudl condition after all

OP posts:
codface · 18/10/2005 13:31

ooh yes nd they ar often in acrylic

OP posts:
OrribleOliveoil · 18/10/2005 13:33

those tiny jackets/cardigans that reach your boobs and look like you have raided a school cloakroom for your wardrobe.

Medea · 18/10/2005 13:48

I was quite excited about the re-emergence of dark red lipstick in some of the fashion mags, but I can't see that taking off just yet either.

Fimbo · 18/10/2005 13:49


Agree with Olive think they are called Shrugs

MassacreOHara · 18/10/2005 13:51

Mini disks

Socks with stilettos (thank god)

codface · 18/10/2005 13:54

oh yes re. sock!

love red lippper

OP posts:
MrsDoolittle · 18/10/2005 13:58

I had a furry shrug form a few years ago that I had put in a bag for a charity shop. My friend spied it and was horrified, she says she would wear it now.
I never really liked it. It still had the tags on it.

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