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plastic barbie doll horrors

5 replies

bundle · 18/10/2005 11:09, including Posh

Do they really think they look nice?

OP posts:
compo · 18/10/2005 11:10

David Beckham has certainly aged

bundle · 18/10/2005 11:11
OP posts:
Iklboo · 18/10/2005 11:24

Just a thought - but why does POsh always pose her mouth like a cheap blow up doll? (NOT that I've seen many - I meant like the Only Fools & Horses ones)

bundle · 18/10/2005 11:30

bloody hell iklboo, you're right...maybe that's why robert cavalli is holding onto her so tightly..she's had a puncture

OP posts:
flamebat · 18/10/2005 12:03

The shock face also looks like a cheap blow up doll.... (again, my experience is from OF&H)

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