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dh has said to buy a new wardrobe

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jenk1 · 18/10/2005 09:42

will have to come from next directory though as i havent got time to go shopping.

Dont know where to start, i have existed in tracksuits and boring jersey-type black pants with t shirts for far too long and havent got a clue, i suppose i need some basics like a good skirt and trousers and a few tops, can anyone help me out, im a size 16 and large chested due to still b/feeding and im not sure what style of clothes would suit my chubby body!

OP posts:
compo · 18/10/2005 09:51

When you say 'dh has said to' do you mean he's given you the go ahead as a treat/present or do you mean he's ordered you too! It's best to go and try lots of things on so you get an idea what suits you so won't he let you wait until you have time for shopping? Perhaps he'll have the kids while you go with a friend?

Beetroot · 18/10/2005 09:57

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn

Beetroot · 18/10/2005 09:58

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Message withdrawn

jenk1 · 18/10/2005 10:02

no he has ordered me too, i was complaining the other day about my boring clothes and he said go and get some new ones then!

Its me who wont go shopping, i have a fear of crowds and cant stand all the pushing and shoving in the clothes shops so i usually just order everything on the internet

OP posts:
iris66 · 18/10/2005 10:03

you lucky thing!!! - I am similar shape to that you describe & fitted seems to work best for me. Slim fitting flat fronted (side zip if poss - M&S do them - online??)trousers with fitted blouse/cardi (lots of deep v necks)tends to make me feel slimmer & more curvy. I have short legs & a v flat bum which I hate so I tend to go for heels with everything & thigh length jackets/cardis to make legs look longer (Trinny & Suzanna tips that really work!)good luck

Lucyfercat · 18/10/2005 10:04

was going to suggest IKEA, the realised you didn't mean it literally

jenk1 · 18/10/2005 10:06

meant to say he hasnt ordered me too, he,s treating me!

OP posts:
stitch · 18/10/2005 10:06

asos islovely, but they seem to think that a size 14 is extra extra large. they are good for accessories though.
if yo dont like the crowds, then what you need to do is go to the posher shops, on a weekday morning. some of them do personal shopping for you, so you sit back whilst someone brings you clothes that will suit you.

aloha · 18/10/2005 10:07

Jenk1, go to a personal shopper. John Lewis do them, so do most department stores - eg Debenhams. It doesn't cost anything at all, they bring the clothes to you. You get a spacious changing room and there is no pressure to buy as the staff are on salary, not commission. You get free tea and coffee and biscuits. It's a nice experience on the whole, and you will have a chance to try out different shapes and combinations of colours etc. If you don't like it, you've lost nothing. I think you really deserve this.

bundle · 18/10/2005 10:08

stitch · 18/10/2005 10:08

jenk, you are lucky. mine would tell me to lose weight.

aloha · 18/10/2005 10:10

hmmm...I'm a bosomy size 16 atm (though have lost 8lbs!! hooray) and wouldn't go NEAR Topshop. Or rather, the clothes there wouldn't go near me!

bundle · 18/10/2005 10:12

aloha, at a - ahem - size 14/16 i can get into some of the stuff at Topshop (some tops that got nice comments at home/work) and they do have lovely accessories/shoes. I was the oldest in there, though

aloha · 18/10/2005 10:12

Good basics, I think, are dark jeans, v-neck tops with a nice, deep v, and a good, fitted jacket, perhaps in velvet or cord, plus some dark boots with a narrow toe and small heel. I don't think you can buy fitted clothes without trying them on though, or jeans really, which is why I recommend the personal shopper.

bundle · 18/10/2005 10:12

(and got my silver pumps online when they'd run out in the shop, postage £3.95 so cheaper than a travel card )

aloha · 18/10/2005 10:13

I do love Topshop and have some lovely gold ballet pumps from there, but I have to say atm it would make me feel v old and heiferish!

bundle · 18/10/2005 10:15

got some lovely trousers in a denim fabric (so they don't look jean-like iykwim) from per una, which i've had real fashion disasters with in the past (their jeans not fitting well & forever falling down) - these are v flattering and slightly bootcut for those pears amongst us who won't go down this autumn's slim jeans route for fear of looking even bigger . also gap have some 3/4 length sleeve plain tshirts in lots of colours in the sale, with a nice flattering v neck

aloha · 18/10/2005 10:16

also a lovely squashy bag in a colour, like dark red, and a decorative belt (

Lipstickgal · 23/04/2011 19:44

Ok firstly decide on your colours. Pick three favourites that blend. Next decide what items you need. I find Boden is excellent and I am a size 16.I love clothes but like you hate shopping for them.
I have lost three stone and my husband did the same. It is hard to work out what suits younwhen your body has changed and it takes a while to adjust.
Personally I find maxi dresses wonderful. You can layer them up and then they become seasonally adaptable. If you buy jersey ones then they adjust with a changing figure.I wear mine with cropped cardigans. You can make them more casual by layering them up with a t or cami and pumps. Re boden maxi tropical dress- it needs to be sized down to at least a 14 to look flattering.I know they are costly but the material is a good quality and if you go for a plain dress the cost per wear makes it worth while. Pop on a cropped denim jacket and you're good to go. Avoid BOden crew neck cardigans as these do not flatter norkage.
Re Next the women's clothes are lately of poor quality. They are going in for 'edgy' looks which when it comes to the cut of the clothes fails to translate.
What's your colouring?

WillieWaggledagger · 23/04/2011 19:47

however did you come across this thread? it's over five years old!

Gillybobs · 23/04/2011 19:54

Im 5"7" and a 16 and these are my essentials

SLim leg jeans

slim leg black trousers

rolled up chinos

stripe tops like this

dressy tops like this one

little jacket to match jeans or black trousers

Gillybobs · 23/04/2011 19:54

OMG so it is!!!!! Glad I spent time with all those links then!

foxinthewoods · 23/04/2011 20:35

I've only just noticed that too!

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