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help ds3 has brokedn my fave necklace

12 replies

codface · 14/10/2005 15:52

its from principles and i think they have sold tem all but if anyone sees one PLEase purchase.
its pale acqua lilac ans dark green chunkey gem type beads with a drop coming off hte bottom. they had matching bracelets

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codface · 14/10/2005 15:55


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codface · 14/10/2005 16:58


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skinnycow · 14/10/2005 17:03

cod - my friend's mate works for principles - i will give her the description and ask if she can locate several of the same

codface · 14/10/2005 17:04

oh really?
is like ajade and pirple and a teal
was lovely

OP posts:
skinnycow · 14/10/2005 17:04

when did you buy it roughly?

codface · 14/10/2005 17:05

really recently
last month?
ooh ooohohoh
will make it worth your while

OP posts:
skinnycow · 14/10/2005 17:13

have spoken to claire - she will ask nicky this evening

codface · 14/10/2005 17:14

I love nicky already

OP posts:
codface · 14/10/2005 17:20

look fin

OP posts:
codface · 15/10/2005 14:01

haha! have found it!

OP posts:
skinnycow · 15/10/2005 19:40

cod - nicky says :

  1. roughly how much did you pay for it so she can check the appropriate stock?

  2. can you send a picture/sketch as not all stores have the same jewellery.

    She will check the large box of surplus stock when she next is in work.
elitemeetupCOD · 21/10/2005 14:09

skinster thanks but as i posted i got one
they ahd put them int eh stock froom as allt he other jelwwery was reduced and this wasnt

ta anway

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