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help with cool buggies - 3 wheeled double ones

5 replies

summermum · 07/10/2005 16:46

Has anyone in Sheffield got a 3 wheel double buggy they are looking to be rid of. I need one that lies flat for a new born and has another seat suitable for a toddler, the models I have looked at on the internet are as follows

Urban detour - Mothercare

Zooper twin - John Lewis

Instep nipper double - various sites
XTS twin jogger/ twister- various sites, my dilema is that I begrudge paying a lot of money as I am only going to need it over the winter. My toddler is 26 months and walks a lot but I feel when the baby is born in december as it is the middle of winter I would prefer him to be in a buggy next to the baby rather than being exposed on a buggy board, then when weather is better in may/june we can put younger one into our current mamas and papas one and the older one can walk or have a buggy board. Please let me know if anybody has one preferably with the raincover, and at least one liner and cosytoes for the baby.

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summermum · 08/10/2005 11:23

Not sure what to post this under so thought I owuld go for style as that is one reason I am thinking of a 3 wheeler and not the traditional 4 wheels

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summermum · 09/10/2005 18:21

does anyone know if the nipper double actually has a swivel front wheel

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SoupDragon · 09/10/2005 18:23

Would be better posted under Wanted. Or for the general questions, under Products.

scaryclary · 09/10/2005 19:24

summermum no Nipper double has fixed front wheel (assuming it?s like the single which we have) but everyone who uses ours says how light and easy to move it is, I imagine in comparison to other 3-wheelers. Never missed not having the swilly wheel tbh.
I hear what you are sayign about winter etc but have you thought about the sling for baby/toddler in buggy option for a few months then a buggyboard? worked well for me (2yr gap as well) and avoids the horrors of a double (getting into shops, getting it into the boot, etc etc).

summermum · 11/10/2005 08:36

good idea scaryclary, that was something i never thought of, i was considering the nipper as apparenlty it is quite narrow and gooes through most doors, might be best fo rpost baby budget though if i can't get into shops, hubby would save a fortune if i was unable to shop.

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