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are frys(boots) back in this season????

28 replies

lolliepops · 04/10/2005 15:06

well are they?

OP posts:
lolliepops · 04/10/2005 15:24

will i take that as a no!

OP posts:
Mum2girls · 04/10/2005 15:25

got a link? what do they look like?

expatinscotland · 04/10/2005 15:25

I've worn my Frye boots since I got them for my 18th bday back in 1989. If they're geniune Frye, they're classics and therefore always in style.

lucy5 · 04/10/2005 15:26

I dont know what they are!

lolliepops · 04/10/2005 15:31

they a brand of boots(ok so i spelt it wrong in the title!) the ones i am talking about are almost welly looking ones that were very popular last winter.

OP posts:
Nbg · 04/10/2005 15:35

Yes they are.

Have seen them everywhere.
Could kick myself, Jones the bootmaker had some reduced from £120 down to £30 and I didn't buy them You can't get them now!

expatinscotland · 04/10/2005 15:39

These are the ones I have:

frye boots

lolliepops · 04/10/2005 15:43

expat you mean you have the ones i want

OP posts:
Nbg · 04/10/2005 15:44

Very nice expat!

Am quite

How much would they be in £'s? Is it cheaer to buy them from the US or get them over here?

expatinscotland · 04/10/2005 15:45

MUCH cheaper in the US. I saw them here for about £200 ! But you'd have to have someone ship them to you otherwise you'd probably have to pay VAT.

I buy almost all shoes off that site where they have those Frye ones, but my family lives in the US, so I just have them sent to whoever's coming across next address and they bring them to me.

Nbg · 04/10/2005 15:47

Didn't it say it was free shipping or was that just US only?

expatinscotland · 04/10/2005 15:48

US only, unfortunately.

lolliepops · 04/10/2005 15:51

comes to £215.91 with all the shipping/handeling charges added. would be best to buy them here i supose now i need to find them!

OP posts:
expatinscotland · 04/10/2005 15:52

Do you have a shop called 'SoleTrader'? I saw the exact boots in there.

Frye is pure class.

lolliepops · 04/10/2005 15:54

no we dont. i will go to some designer shops in town or metro center i should be to find some somewhere

OP posts:
chonky · 04/10/2005 16:00

Tesco's Cherokee are doing a copy of these for £35. I want some! Not quite the same I know, but hey..

lolliepops · 04/10/2005 16:07

m&s had really good look alikes last year one of my friends had them.

OP posts:
Earlybird · 04/10/2005 16:10

There are some like this in Jones. Think they have a few different colours too. Not sure about the price 'cause I've only noticed them in the window as I walked by.

LadyCodofCodford · 04/10/2005 16:28

i ahev someof htem but htey were form next last year

nutcackle · 04/10/2005 16:31

Asda have some similar and Woolies have got kids ones that fit me.

TheRtHonBaronessEnidOBE · 04/10/2005 16:32

i have some v similar from New look last year

MrsSpoon · 04/10/2005 17:29

I have similar from Next last year, wearing them today, they have similar in this year's Directory, I would say they are still OK.

Pollyanna · 04/10/2005 17:36

Lolliepops they have them in Kurt Geiger this year. I want some too!

Pollyanna · 04/10/2005 17:38

i have bought some from Next this year - very similar, here

Pollyanna · 04/10/2005 17:38

i have bought some from Next this year - very similar, here

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