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Hair Dye Disaster

5 replies

beanster · 30/09/2005 09:57

I decided to warm up my dark brown hair and put a colour on it last night. It was called Warm Dark Brown and is meant to last 24 washes. It has come out Black and I now look like a very pale ageing goth! Does anyone have any good tips on how to make it fade quickly? (apart from washing it 24 times!) I am at work at the moment so cant reply easily but if you have any good tips that I can read up on later I'd be really grateful.

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cod · 30/09/2005 09:58

Message withdrawn

flamebat · 30/09/2005 10:00

Washing is all I can think of - unless you wanna go to a hairdressers and get highlights!

sparklymieow · 30/09/2005 10:02

washing up liquid will strip it.

Redtartanlass · 30/09/2005 10:49

Wash with Head and Shoulders that will strip it quickly - promise

beanster · 30/09/2005 11:24

Thanks everyone, I think I will start with the head and shoulders first and go on to the washing up liquid and washing loads if I need be followed by a whole pot of conditioner! I knew I could rely on mumsnet.

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