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Big night out. What to wear?

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Posey · 28/09/2005 19:40

I need help with that oh so familiar problem. Have got a big night out coming up but no idea what to wear. My current idea of dressing up is putting on something that doesn't have sticky marks or toddler snot on it

At the end ofNovember, I'm going to a "do". There'll probably be around 80 people there, all women, all a similar age to me. Now I've met one or two briefly before in real life. I know a few more in virtual reality and recognise a good many names, but really I'll be "on my own".
All of us are mothers, but for one night at least are trying to be individuals, not just mummies!

So my question...

What are you lot wearing to mumsnet Christmas nights out?!!!

OP posts:
chicagomum · 28/09/2005 19:44

I've been waiting for this thread to start. Shall be watching with interest, (been hoping the answers will provide me with enough justification to go out and buy something new)

Posey · 28/09/2005 20:25

Not telling then?

OP posts:
blueteddy · 28/09/2005 20:28

Well it may well be chilly by then, so maybe trousers & a top!

kama · 29/09/2005 22:16

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn

cod · 29/09/2005 22:18

Message withdrawn

Nbg · 29/09/2005 22:19

Well to our Mumsnet xmas do, I'll probably wear some tweed crop trousers and one of those silky edwardian style tops with some sparkly shoes

Tortington · 29/09/2005 22:30

well was thinking fancy top and jeans or shiny suit. jeans or suit jeans or suit jeans or suit - i dunno!

compo · 29/09/2005 22:32

for a Christmas do I usually wear smart black bootcut trousers and a sparkly, going out top

MrsSpoon · 29/09/2005 22:40

I'm not going to the 'do' but am more than happy to share my latest purchases, Grey Check Trousers , much nicer in real life than in the catalogue, this jumper to wear with it , and shrug , great over a strappy top, with jeans or trousers.

Posey · 30/09/2005 19:39

Nice Mrs Spoon.

So its not a hugely dressy, ie party frocks, kind of a do?

OP posts:
Gobbledigook · 30/09/2005 19:53

I'm going to the Yorkshire one - I'll probably wear my black skirt which is fitted round the tummy fit then flares out and goes down to the knee. It has green motif round the bottom. With a black top and black strappy heels and my green bag with beaded handle.

but could change my mind.

Jeans?? Looks like we'll be posh up north then!

NomDePlume · 30/09/2005 19:55

last year I wore a pair of black trousers and a silky strappy beaded chocolate brown top with killer heels. Don't think I'm coming to any Xmas meets this year.

chicagomum · 30/09/2005 20:10

misread custardo's post as "well I was thinking of fancy dress" and was reconsidering my decision to attend.

Posey · 30/09/2005 20:13

lol chicagomum

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