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ideas for wedding reception

15 replies

jenk1 · 28/09/2005 11:42

ive just been invited to the evening of a wedding from an old friend that i used to work with about 5 years ago.

All my old colleagues will be there and i havent seen them for about 4 years so i want to look good and not have them think ive got to pot since having dd!

trouble is because i dont hardly go out i havent a clue what to wear, im a real frumpy mum who wears trousers tshirts anything that cant get too ruined by a toddler!

ive also put on some wieight since they last saw me and am feeling paranoid - although i have managed to lose half a stone over the last 2 months and hoping to lose a couple more pounds before the event.

i am a size 16.

can anyone give me any ideas i would really appreciate it.


OP posts:
sweetheart · 28/09/2005 11:57

I would go for a fitted trouser suit. Get a jacket that nips in at the waist to give you a good shape.

puff · 28/09/2005 11:57

What's your budget for the whole outfit jenk?

oliveoil · 28/09/2005 12:54

There was a good article in the Times mag on Saturday with a politician's wife who was size 16 and needed new clothes - BUT they recommended a lot of MaxMara which I think is £££££££££.

Maybe go to a large store and get a personal shopper to do the hard work for you? John Lewis/Selfridges etc. If you are on £ instead of ££££, maybe go to an expensive shop, steal their advice and then bob to H&M/Primark for copies (!!)

A thread was started recommending these to hoik excess flab in (which we all have, I am a size 12 and still have a belly/arse that need lifting & hoiking in).

Most importantly, what you get must be comfy, you do not want to spend all night pulling things down.


jenk1 · 28/09/2005 12:59

i wouldnt be able to spend more than £100 on an outfit and i would have to make it do for other occasions as well

OP posts:
oliveoil · 28/09/2005 13:01

Where do you live? What selection of shops do you have?

jenk1 · 28/09/2005 13:02

in the north west of th uk so i can go to the trafford centre which has most well known shops in, problem is i havent been shopping for such a long time as i havent had time with 2 kids!
so i buy most things from mail order or next directory

OP posts:
oliveoil · 28/09/2005 13:09

ooooooooh same here, shall I offer my services as your personal shopper???? .

Trafford Centre would be brilliant, lots of choice and cheap shops too. Mango is good, and H&M and TopShop are there.

Can you get someone to mind the sprogs and go leisurely without a buggy cramping your style?

jenk1 · 28/09/2005 13:17

yes i should be able to.
ive heard people talking about H and M on here but ive never been it so might give that one a go

OP posts:
oliveoil · 28/09/2005 13:19

It's fab for fashionable stuff that is cheap. You do have to search through things though and do not go when it is busy, evil place.

Anyway you, I am supposed to be banned this week from mn, be off with your tempting thread woman.


puff · 28/09/2005 15:41

If it were me, I'd be thinking about a dress, and then shoes of course - although if you buy something to go with some existing shoes, there's more to spend on the outfit.

myalias · 29/09/2005 11:46

Personally I would try somewhere like designers at Debenhams they have some fashionable seperates at affordable prices. I have just been to a wedding and bought a Jasper Conran chocolate brown tiered skirt which I can then wear in the winter with knee length boots. Also I bought a John Rocha white smocked top which I can team up with a shrug or cardigan. I tend to go for smart seperates which can carry me through to day and evening wear. If you have a Debenhams near you they have blue x days, normally on Wednesdays or Thursdays where you can get huge reductions for one day only.

MaloryTowers · 29/09/2005 12:01

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

MaloryTowers · 29/09/2005 12:02

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

oliveoil · 29/09/2005 12:44

that's what I said MaloryT!

(did you used to be someone else? Can't keep up with these names)

MaloryTowers · 29/09/2005 13:55

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

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