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Ugg boots?

13 replies

charleypops · 24/09/2005 12:30

Are they any good in the rain or snow? Or do they look a mess really quickly?

You can get real ones for £80 here ...

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mummytosteven · 24/09/2005 13:27

TK Maxx had size 7/8 ones for £35 last month.

cupcakes · 24/09/2005 13:35

If they're real sheepskin then yes, they are excellent in bad weather. Mine are black though so can't vouch for what lighter colours would look like! (although you can machine wash some - like my Celtic Sheepskin ones).

charleypops · 24/09/2005 13:49

Wow - £35!! Shame I'm only a size 2! You could've made some dosh on Ebay with those.

Thinking about getting Chestnut ones - or maybe Sand (I think they only have Sand left in my size. hmm.

Anyone had any lighter colour Uggs?

I have seen people in quite grotty looking ones, and I was wondering if they were just really old, but they couldn't bare to part with them, or if they get dirty really quickly.

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charleypops · 24/09/2005 16:35

Any Ugg wearers back from shopping yet?

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charleypops · 24/09/2005 20:18

any one around yet?

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charleypops · 24/09/2005 22:55

what about now?

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novadandypowder · 25/09/2005 20:45

I am a proud UGG wearer, and have a sand coloured pair that would officially be classed as grotty. Think about it, winter = wet and dirty, sand coloured suede will get really grubby.

I haven't cleaned them yet so I can't tell you how they good they'll come up with a bit of a scrub i'm afraid. But I love mine just as they are - they look loved and worn.

cod · 25/09/2005 20:46

Message withdrawn

MascaraOHara · 25/09/2005 20:48

cute in pink on a 5 uear old but they shouldn't be made in any size bigger than a childs 12.. don't do it!

marthamoo · 25/09/2005 20:51

Aren't they like ponchos now - tres last year ?

Dh was wearing Ugg boots (the genuine article) the first time I saw him (1989 - he was always ahead of his time). I said to my mate "check out that prat in the slippers..."

cod · 25/09/2005 20:52

Message withdrawn

littlelamb · 25/09/2005 21:55

LOVE my uggs! Bought in a moment of indulgence last year. Mine are sand coloured and pretty grotty looking, but I didn't weatherproof mine before going out in the rain wearing them under jeans so they now have a lovely blue tinge. But you CANNOT beat them for comfort, and I do wear them around the house a lot. V V expensive slippers

charleypops · 26/09/2005 19:31

Haven't Uggs become fashion classics these days? a bit like combats are? (or have I just made a faux pas??) I wouldn't go near a poncho any more though. I'm a naturally messy person and make a complete mess of most of my footwear really quickly for some reason - always have done so sandy Uggs don't sound like they'll last very long.. they look sooo cosy though, and v flattering.

Anyone know of boots that look like Uggs but are really weatherproof and grub-resistant?

Marthamoo/Mascara/Cod - what are you going to be wearing this winter?

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