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Please find me some winter boots...

4 replies

Gobbledigook · 16/09/2005 17:03

Which ones will you be wearing?

I'm thinking of getting a black pair with a small kitten heel but don't know if I should go for something more casual and 'chunky'??

OP posts:
potty1 · 16/09/2005 17:07

I'll probably be wearing the same pair I've worn for the last two years .

Did you get your new trainers gdg?

Gobbledigook · 16/09/2005 17:13
  • no not yet - really must or else I can't do any running!

Me too - got my Timberland ones but I wear those with combats and I want a smart/casual pair that are comfy for daywear to wear with jeans.
OP posts:
hunkermunker · 16/09/2005 17:14

I will not so much a small kitten heel as a flat canoe by winter...!

cupcakes · 16/09/2005 17:16

Hmm. Can't help with kitten heel style. What I want is a medium height thick heel (but not too square and chunky) in leather. And maybe a bit loose and relaxed looking (so that I can tuck my jeans in). Not having much luck. Quite like these but not the price!

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