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Decorating ideas plaese.

18 replies

littlerach · 15/09/2005 14:00

We have just had our lounge replastered so can start from scratch. So I need some ideas please.
We have a dark brown leather sofa, and cream carpet. But nothing else!!

The next question: our existing woodwork, ie staircase (which goes outof the lounge) is a dark oak colour, as are the window frames and doors. Do we keep it this colour, or paint it white?

We have looked at so many different colours, now we need some other input!!!

OP posts:
Twiglett · 15/09/2005 14:02

if the bannister was dark oak personally I'd want to rub it down and make it light oak .. if it has those upstand thingies I'd want to paint them white (or slightly off-white)

otto · 15/09/2005 14:06

Agree with Twiglett re wood. You can have too much wood IMO.

As for the living room. Maybe you could paint the wall a neutral off-white and then have an accent wall in a strong colour or wallpaper. Have a look at the dulux website as it has ideas of how to use contrasting colours

littlerach · 15/09/2005 14:08

Whats an upstand thingie?!

DH would like to paint it very pale beige, like a very milky coffee! I'm worried it'll look too bland.

OP posts:
otto · 15/09/2005 14:15

I think she means the balustrades. Agree that pale beige would look a bit yuk

Enid · 15/09/2005 14:17

dark oak top and white balustrades, duck egg blue paint walls, white/off white woodwork

Twiglett · 15/09/2005 14:17

milky coffee would look fabulous on plaster with dark brown leather

if you have picture rails do pure white above and white ceiling

then your colours would come in with accessories and fabrics

littlerach · 15/09/2005 14:20

So the bannister rail bit oak?

Doesn't blue make it feel a bit chilly? That is DH's worry,aas our last house always felt cold. I htink that is why he thought a creamy colour.

OP posts:
Enid · 15/09/2005 14:21

duck egg blue is a kind of greeny blue and wouldnt be cold at all with all the brown accents

waterfalls · 15/09/2005 14:22

Very little colour would be best, stay natural with maybe a hint of a tasteful green.

littlerach · 15/09/2005 14:22

Hmm, no picture rail, but a dado rail, which may or may not stay!

My main worry is that by painting the woodwork white, the doors will look odd. They aren't going to be painted, as they are lovely!

The previous owners had a big thing for wood. Our loft conversion looks like a sauna, all pine, even the walls!

OP posts:
otto · 15/09/2005 14:23

We had duck egg blue in our previous bedroom and it never looked cold. Looks really good with brown

waterfalls · 15/09/2005 14:23

or pale terricotta.

otto · 15/09/2005 14:24

I'm sure the doors will look fine if you leave them. That's what we're planning to do in our living room.

littlerach · 15/09/2005 14:26

Next question!

Curtains. For french doors.
They will be for look only, as we don't bother closing them, only fields behind the garden. Do we go for neutrally cream, brown etc, or maybe a pattern? Saw some nice ones the other day, cream with huge brown flower outlines on them.

Maybe I have too much time on my hands..

OP posts:
otto · 15/09/2005 15:00

There's some lovely floral fabrics around at the moment. I'd like boldly patterned curtains too, but worry that I'd go off them in a couple of years. I do think they look very nice though, particuarly when everything else is plain

Hattie05 · 15/09/2005 15:01

Don't paint wood!!! .

Some of us spend hours stripping paint from wood that other people have put on.

littlerach · 15/09/2005 15:04

I know! But there is so much dark wood here, whilst it is really good quality and all, there is loads of it.

OP posts:
Hattie05 · 15/09/2005 15:05

Oh alright then paint a little bit!

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