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does anyone shop at kaleidoscope?

11 replies

nailpolish · 12/09/2005 16:31

are they good quality?

am i too old for this dress?

OP posts:
starlover · 12/09/2005 16:34

oooh i would wear that! i am 25
is that too old? do i care? no!

nailpolish · 12/09/2005 16:35

its for a party to celebrate a cousins wedding (they got married abroad and we hounded them til they agreed to have a knees-up for us poor souls who didnt go)

OP posts:
nailpolish · 12/09/2005 16:36

but im 32 starlover

OP posts:
Norash · 12/09/2005 16:39

Nailpolish If you've got the figure flor it then go for it. I think the dress is really nice. wear it and enjoy it I say

Norash · 12/09/2005 16:40


starlover · 12/09/2005 16:41

pfft but i bet you feel 18 still! just like me!

go for it... unless you actually look like a 50 yr old hag (which somehow i doubt!)

nailpolish · 12/09/2005 16:49

ive ordered it!

OP posts:
JonesTheSteam · 12/09/2005 16:51

Hi nailpolish - my mum has the kaleidoscope catalogue and all the stuff she's ordered has always been good quality - she's ordered stuff for me as well.

I'd wear that dress (if I had the figure!!!!!!!) and I'm 33!!!!!!!!

nailpolish · 12/09/2005 16:52

oh thank you - now i just have to find my hold-em-all-in-pants

OP posts:
JonesTheSteam · 12/09/2005 16:53

Mine never work - they just push it all up, so it spills over the top!!!!!

Norash · 12/09/2005 17:21


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