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At what age is it advisable to get shoes?

8 replies

Janbo25 · 10/09/2005 16:17

At what age is it advisable to take my ds to clarks to get measured up for shoes??

OP posts:
Katemum · 10/09/2005 16:18

About six weeks after he starts walking, or when he wants to be walking around outside.

Janbo25 · 10/09/2005 16:20

i notice clarks do pre walkers, is there any need to get them?

OP posts:
Hattie05 · 10/09/2005 16:20

As late as possible because once you start buying them its never ending! .

But seriously, once they are walking well and as katemum said when you need them for outdoor walking.

Katemum · 10/09/2005 16:22

No, I had some for dd because she walked holding my hands for a long while before she could walk independantly and she enjoyed walking round the park chasing her big brother. I just wanted some protection for her feet.

spidermama · 10/09/2005 16:23

Agree hattie. Also, the feet start to become desensitised as soon as they're convered with shoes.

starlover · 10/09/2005 16:27

i work for clarks and would say as late as possible!

pre-walkers are totally unnecessary! the only reason a child needs shoes is to protect the feet when walking outside... no other reason

the best possible start you can give your child's feet is to be free, and to develop naturally

Janbo25 · 10/09/2005 16:28

Many thanks everyone for all the advise I think I will leave his feet free for a while longer yet then!

OP posts:
Lonelymum · 10/09/2005 16:29

My dd had the pre walkers but only because her feet were so small when she started walking that they wouldn't fit the normal shoes!

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