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Winter coats

15 replies

fairydust · 01/09/2005 13:20

After cod's thread on boots it got me thinking - what type of winter coat will you be wearing in the play gruond this yr

OP posts:
NomDePlume · 01/09/2005 13:21

ooooooooooooh, I love winter coats, one of my fave purchases. I had a fab knee length funnel neck one last year in like a tweed fabric (but not murky browns). Will watch this thread for tempting links.....

NomDePlume · 01/09/2005 13:43

Oi ! Show me some coats you lot !

compo · 01/09/2005 13:46

I like the black one

Hausfrau · 01/09/2005 13:50

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

cod · 01/09/2005 13:52

Message withdrawn

NomDePlume · 01/09/2005 13:52

Yeah, although I'd like to steer clear of plain black. I bought a patterned coat for the first time last winter and loved it.

Nbg · 01/09/2005 13:53

My SIL bought a gorgeous one from H&M last week. It's waist length, looks like a cape on the arms but the body part of it is a proper coat IYSWIM.

They have quite a few yummy coats in atm but you have to watch out for the potato sack 80's ones.

Socci · 22/09/2005 22:18

Message withdrawn

cod · 22/09/2005 22:18

Message withdrawn

MrsSpoon · 22/09/2005 22:20

I've got the red one here .

Socci · 22/09/2005 22:45

Message withdrawn

hoxtonchick · 22/09/2005 22:47

i got this today & am very pleased with it. i got the sludge colour, & now want it to get cold so i can wear it!

Socci · 22/09/2005 22:57

Message withdrawn

cod · 23/09/2005 06:55

Message withdrawn

hoxtonchick · 23/09/2005 07:53

they had really nice stuff cod, honest!

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