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Really upset with an ebay purchase!

9 replies

laughinglil · 31/08/2005 14:54

I bought my ds a little Ralph Lauren jumper on ebay and when I recieved it it is a really bad bad bad bad bad fake. The seller claimed it was authentic. Does anyone know what I can do about it?

OP posts:
Nbg · 31/08/2005 14:57

Contact the seller first and tell them. Wait and see what they say and if they don't give you a satisfactory response then report them to E-bay.

JoolsToo · 31/08/2005 15:01

give them a crap review too!

laughinglil · 31/08/2005 15:12

i have done but I feel bad (how silly is that) the jumper is really nice but it is so not real. I read her feedback and all seems ok so I don't understand why she sent me a fake!

OP posts:
Nbg · 31/08/2005 15:15

How do you know it's fake?

If your 100% sure then the seller sold that item incorrectly.
I think thats a good enough enough reason to report them if they don't offer a refund or give you a real one.

TwinSetAndPearls · 31/08/2005 15:18

If the seller sold it as authentic and it is not they can be reported to ebay. You have to read the wording carefully as sometimes it does not explicitly say genuine ralph lauren jumper orginally for sale at...., if they are clever with their wording unscrupulous sellers can sell any old tat dressed up as a designer item.

marne · 31/08/2005 15:20

If they said it was authentic and it is'nt then they are in the wrong, i would report them to ebay. Have you tried asking if you can send it back and get your money back? Ebay may be able to stop them selling on ebay but you may not get your money back, leave them some nasty feedback and hope nobody else gets ripped off by them.

laughinglil · 31/08/2005 15:27

because its got a market kind of label in it. It was BNWT . You can see where the tag has been wrapped around a bit of thread on the label. The ralph lauren horse sign has also been sewn on clearly visible.

OP posts:
Mojomummy · 02/09/2005 17:07

Hi, don't give bad feedback without contacting the seller first - most will be very keen to not get negative. I would send her an e-mail thanking her for her fast delivery & say you are disappointed because the description is for a real one & you have received a fake. Have I been sent something in error ?

This should get some sort of response. If it doesn't, I suggest contacting your local ralph lauren shop & asking what they suggest & inform the seller this is what you will do, if you don't get a refund. If this doesn't work, report to e-bay - how much did you pay & did you pay via paypal ? you may find you can make a claim - after this I would leave neg - if only to warn other buyers. Good luck !

Chandra · 02/09/2005 17:15

Do you know that many people buy things in the belief that they are genuine (and many times they are not exposed to the brand to know otherwise). Could it be the case that this woman thought it was genuine? If you paid the price of an atuhentic Ralph Lauren jumper I wouldn't hesitate to complain, if you pay peanuts for a nice piece...well ,you'll be wiser next time.

I have only bought clothes for DS at e-bay once, they were described as in excellent condition and TBH looking at their condition, I believe they have already passed through a charity shop twice. Since then... I don't trust descriptions, just assume that things are ot going to be as good as they sound, if they do, then what a wonderful surprise!

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