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Whose style do you really love and why?

29 replies

snafu · 30/08/2005 19:26

For entirely different reasons, I love:

Kate Moss - yes, yes, yes I know she's a crack whore and a bad mother, but she carries it off so well

Lulu Guinness - I wish I could do that nipped-waist-and-lipstick look

Your turn (and don't all give me grief for KM, it's a Croydon thing )

OP posts:
expatinscotland · 30/08/2005 19:27

Isabella Rosellini. Pure class. Ditto Catherine Denuvue.

paolosgirl · 30/08/2005 19:43

Apart from Victoria Beckham, you mean?

Ditto Isabella Rosellini, and Diane Keaton.

bea · 30/08/2005 19:57

Gwen Stafni.. cuz she's feisty and flaunts it!

bea · 30/08/2005 19:57

oops meant stefani!

Nbg · 30/08/2005 20:12

Love love love Sarah Jessica Parker.

cod · 30/08/2005 20:13

Message withdrawn

cod · 30/08/2005 20:13

Message withdrawn

Angeliz · 30/08/2005 20:14

I think Catherine Zeta Jones always looks stunning and also Joss Stone.

cod · 30/08/2005 20:14

Message withdrawn

Cam · 30/08/2005 20:17

Lauren Bacall because she's Lauren Bacall

turquoise · 30/08/2005 20:43

Lady Sarah Chatto
Halle Berry
Jennifer Aniston

jenk1 · 31/08/2005 13:13

natalie imbruglia because she,s stunning and even looked good in a mechanics uniform in neighbours!
The nurse from holby city who had art maliks characters baby-she,d look good in a bin bag.
I was going to say jessica simpson but i think she,s gone too tarty-did u see what she was wearing at the mtv awards the other night?

biglips · 31/08/2005 13:15

Sienna Miller and Victoria Beckman

biglips · 31/08/2005 13:16

Sienna is so hip and carry it well and V. beckham got lovely taste in style and colour

MaloryTowers · 31/08/2005 15:38

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

compo · 31/08/2005 15:39

Fergie from Black Eyed Peas

saadia · 31/08/2005 16:42

Jemima Khan, Claudia Schiffer, Jennifer Aniston - people who have their own style and don't follow fashion blindly.

meggymoo · 31/08/2005 16:50

Message withdrawn

northerner · 31/08/2005 16:54

Compo did you see Fergie on GMTV this morning? Has she had plastic surgery?

northerner · 31/08/2005 16:57

Elle McPherson
CZJ - but she's a bit too 'grown up style' for me
Cat Deely
Donna Air
Hate to admit it but Posh always looks darn good.

cupcakes · 31/08/2005 17:28

loved rene russo in thomas crown - could watch film just to ooze over her outfits. And her hair.
also really like Jennifer Aniston. Gwyneth's look appeals to me at the moment too. (must have a thing for Brad's ex's)

Nik72 · 31/08/2005 17:42

Madonna - when she's not in grotty tracksuits!

All French women, they always look so well groomed.....I wish I could look groomed [wistful emoticon].

Mandymoo · 31/08/2005 19:48

Jennifer Aniston mainly with a touch of Sienna

BunnyBoo · 31/08/2005 20:00

Victoria beckham,

and joss stone both fab!

peaceandlight · 31/08/2005 22:25

madonna, she is true to herself and super cool.

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