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winter dresses, age 5-6y

5 replies

marialuisa · 24/08/2005 11:05

Has anyone seen any nice everyday winter dresses suitable for 4.5 year old? DD is dress obsessed and so far we've managed to find a single dress in Boden but nothing else....

OP posts:
twirlaround · 24/08/2005 17:23

Try John Lewis - there are some good dresses in my one

katierocket · 24/08/2005 17:24

oh marialuisa, i saw the most gorgeous winter girls dress the other day, it was absolutely stunning. But I'm going to be useless because it was in a small independent clothes shop and I didn't take the brand name down. I will pop in this week and see if I can find out. When I saw it I so wanted a DD so I could buy one!

marialuisa · 25/08/2005 08:21

Thank you, our local John Lewis has a really rubbish kids' section but maybe it will improve when the school uniform rush is over.

KR-if you do I would be grateful! Shopping for DD is one of my hobbies

OP posts:
unicorn · 25/08/2005 08:38

have you checked out e-bay? you often find some great stuff there.

SueW · 02/09/2005 11:13

marialiusa there is slim chance of John Lewis improving their girls' selection of clothing IME I've bought very few of DD's clothes there since I moved away from London. Thinking about it, didn't buy many there when we lived in London either as Gap has much nicer things than Peter Jones (and more regular sales!)

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