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new scholl shoes hurting

3 replies

janeite · 21/08/2005 15:57

I bought a pair of scholl sandals yesterday. have got the receipt but have thrown the box away. Anyway I've worn them today to walk about a mile and a half and they really hurt my feet. Have I wasted my money, or do you think I'd get away with taking them back?

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colditz · 21/08/2005 16:34

I am under the impression with scholl sandals that the point is that your feet will adjust to them, not the other way round. They are supposed to make your foot a healthier shape.

I think..

Hattie05 · 21/08/2005 17:48

You probably can get a refund.

But you may find it helps if you just wear them in around the house and for shorter walks. Any new shoes i buy hurt if i walk to far in them on the first occasion iycwim

janeite · 22/08/2005 13:09

Thanks guys. I decided to take them back and I got a refund no problem at all; only problem is I now have no sandals as I couldn't find any that I liked anywhere else! Oh well - it's raining here today so maybe I should've bought wellies instead.

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