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Why can't find jeans that button up past my flabby bits .. l

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Twiglett · 21/08/2005 12:49

like I don't know, on my waist or something, after all there must be a reason why my waist goes in

whats with all the feckin' hipsters absolutely everywhere with no sodding choice

hipsters only look good on slim / teenagers

I want to feel comfortable in my jeans

OP posts:
spacecadet · 21/08/2005 12:51

thats a difficult one, all the styles seem to be hipsters etc, you could try a home shopping catalogue.

Twiglett · 21/08/2005 12:52

you think I'm old don't you

OP posts:
spacecadet · 21/08/2005 12:53

no! im 33 in 3 days and i hate hipsters(cant get into jeans at mo as preg), they feel like they are falling down and my ten spare tyres ooze over the top of them.

Feffi · 21/08/2005 12:54

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

dropinthe · 21/08/2005 12:54

I've made the mistake of trying to fit my lardy stomach into hipsters-in fact I am sitting here with a pair on now because can't be botherd to iron anything and thinking how bloody uncomfortable I am!

So,no,I don't think you are old-just in need of some comfort like me!

spacecadet · 21/08/2005 12:54

i got some lovely wrangler jeans last year from empire stores catalogue.

happymerryberries · 21/08/2005 13:06

hell, mine would have to do up to my neck!!!!!!

foxinsocks · 21/08/2005 14:58

I agree the per una ones are good (but definitely try them on because I had to get the ones for people with short legs and I'm 5'6''!). Also found that the sizing is very generous round the waist - I'm a standard 12 and there's easily another inch around the waist.

Also, I got a pair from Tescos which hardly cost anything and are incredibly comfortable - I can easily tuck my tummy flab under the top of the jeans (iyswim).

motherinferior · 21/08/2005 16:15

Waist-holding ones cause tummybulging, IMO.

Also my waist has never returned to its pre-baby indentation

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