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Stop smoking

I’ve been given up for 8.5 weeks here’s what I found

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Tweetypie27 · 30/03/2023 21:20

So I smoked a LOT smoking was part of me everyone made jokes about it. It was my first love and sometimes my only love.
I had a miscarriage January at 12 weeks found out I was pregnant October didn’t stop me smoking nothing would stop me it’s horrible I feel guilt I think deep down maybe my smoking caused it. I cut down but I couldn’t stop.

I don’t want to try for anymore kids at the moment I’m happy with that but the miscarriage scared me I lost so much blood I collapsed numerous times. I was rushed into A & E I got put on a ward people were on oxygen on the triage ward I was on. One man went with his tank outside to smoke.
i didn’t smoke while I was kept in I had no strength to even leave my bed.
I promised myself that day I would stop smoking it took me to lose something to make the change it took me being on deaths door it took me seeing people so unwell from smoking but still smoking.

I didn’t want to let this horrible thing what happened to me be in vain. I set myself a month from the date of the miscarriage to stop.

I was determined I wouldn’t let my kids down myself down or the baby I lost down.

I stopped. I did vape chew mints and drink water but I made it through. Im 36 I’ve only ever stopped once before for a short time. I even managed to cut down to three a day while pregnant but I loved smoking and would never stop.

I gained 3 pounds but have lost that now. My clothes don’t smell my car doesn’t smell I would smoke in the car when the kids wasn’t there.
My eyes look whiter my teeth look whiter my skin looks less ashen my mom keeps saying I look well now. The lines under my eyes are way way better barely there now.
I haven’t had a cough I didn’t get a chest infection when I got a cold last week my cold lasted two days as opposed to a week with a two week long cough.

I never tell myself I won’t smoke again it scares me to much my mind works like that I just say I’m a smoker who chooses not to smoke and it works for me.

My partner gave up a week after me so now non of us smoke.
We have saved £800 between us but more over all.

My advise is just do it I wish I did it sooner.

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theysaiditgetseasier · 01/04/2023 05:33

@Tweetypie27 congratulations on stopping smoking! I'm sorry that you had to go through a miscarriage it's very difficult and can empathise as I've had two myself, it's awful.

It's very inspiring to read your post as I smile my last cigarette, I'm in my mid 40's and smoked since I was 14, watched my mum die of lung cancer to smoking almost 4 years ago and still I smoked.

I've stuck a patch on and have a disposable vape if I need. I will NOT smoke today! Can only think of today as the thought of never smoking again terrifies me.

Thank you for posting, I really hope I'm able to post something similar in time x

readingismycardio · 01/04/2023 05:44

YOU GO, OP! Huge congrats!

readingismycardio · 01/04/2023 05:44

I am so sorry for your loss Flowers

Tweetypie27 · 01/04/2023 10:13

How are you today ? You can do this!

OP posts:
Iguanainanigloo · 01/04/2023 10:29

Well done op, it sounds like you've made such amazing progress, and so sorry to hear what you went through. Are you still vaping op? I've never smoked, always been anti smoking, and feel embarrassed to say last year after a very traumatic time I used a friend's vape, and it totally chilled me, I then bought my own and now I'm hooked 🥺. I hate it and want to stop and promise myself I won't buy another when each one runs out, but I do. I need some willpower, but after the trauma of last year, that keeps resurfacing, I feel totally in need of the thing that brought me comfort in the darkest times. I know it's stupid as it's just the nicotine addiction, nothing more, but it feels like such an immense comfort during stressful times. I sometimes wish vaping hadn't ever become a thing, as I never would have started actually smoking, but equally I understand it's such a great way for smokers to stop.

Tweetypie27 · 02/04/2023 16:23

Hi yes I still vape I don’t know what the risks are but my doctor and dentist said it’s 95% less harmful then smoking.
Nicotine itself isn’t harmful it’s the chemicals in the cigarette that’s what I’ve been told.
I can’t function fully without nicotine I know I’m still and addict but it’s better then smoking.
My best friend vapes and has never smoked but she enjoys it so it’s just a vice.
I don’t drink alcohol at all and vaping is all I do so I allow it.
Im a better functioning person on nicotine might sound pathetic to some but it’s my one enjoyment and it doesn’t stink 😂
Ive cut down to my vape use last month but I don’t see me stopping anytime soon I guess we will all die of something won’t we.

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