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Stop smoking

Ex smoker anxiety

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pambeasly · 29/01/2023 20:31

Probably should have put this on the mental health thread, but here we are.

I have severe health anxiety following a traumatic birth a few months ago, and being a past smoker is what plays on my mind, daily.

I grew up with a mum who smoked in the house and from 14/15 years of age I smoked a few a week that I'd pinch. By 17 I would probably smoke a couple a day - this carried on until I was 30. Not a heavy smoker by any means, but I still smoked.

I didn't get anxious about this during my smoking years, or even the year I was smoke free. Due to my ignorance (and perhaps denial) I convinced myself that smoking 2/3 a day wouldn't harm me. Idiot idiot idiot. It's since my sons birth I've discovered the effects and I'm now obsessed with wanting to know my odds of cancer caused by smoking, not just lung, the 12 other kinds it causes. I'm bloody terrified - urgh.

I guess I'm here for advice or something to encourage me in my moment of despair.
Yes, CBT is a must - low income and a waiting list of 12 months +.... what can I do in the meantime to combat this so I can live?

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704703hey · 20/02/2023 09:00

Ah no, this definitely sounds like anxiety and obsessive thoughts so cbt may help (disclaimer: I am not medically qualified).

Would a free website cbt help? I don't know what format would help you, if you prefer to talk in person. There is SMART recovery which is cbt based and free, but you might feel overwhelmed if people are talking about alcohol and drugs.

I was told about a cbt health care website several years ago so I'll try to find it and post back if I can.

You're stronger than you think though :)

704703hey · 20/02/2023 10:28

And you can recover. I haven't been able to find the NHS site I mentioned previously but if I find it but if I do I will post, there appear to be several free cbt sites though. Just avoid the ones asking for card details!

It can be a toll on the body and mind going through pregnancy/birth/young children, with your memories of your mother that adds in another dimension of stress around smoking.

You will be OK, with help to break the pattern of thought

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