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Stop smoking

What’s the best vapes?

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AnnieBal03 · 29/08/2019 10:16

Just that really. Trying to give up smoking but have no clue about vapes and what’s the best, anyone have any suggestions?

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pooopypants · 29/08/2019 10:45

Do you have a local shop? I found my local shop really helpful. They asked me how many a day I smoked etc etc. They also let me try some flavours of e-juice so I could find one I liked instead of randomly choosing one and wasting money

AnnieBal03 · 29/08/2019 10:54

Thank you! @pooopypants I didn’t think of a vape shop! I’ll have a look to see where my nearest one is :)

OP posts:
noroominthefridge · 29/08/2019 11:59

I have an AspireK2. It isn't huge and clunky and I like it a lot.

I went into a vape shop for advice - it is what they recommended for me.

Recently tried a BLU - don't really get on with that - but mostly because the nicotine free pods are hard to get where we live (not in the UK).

You have to take vapes/liquid in your hand luggage if you fly - top tip: the fluid tends to expand and leak so keep them in a case/plastic bag Grin

pooopypants · 29/08/2019 15:05

You're welcome @annie!

I've got an iStick eleaf and it's super skinny, battery life is around 2 days too. I've had Aspire before but it didn't last long before it packed up.

I use a shortfill juice and then add some nicotine shots to it. Shortfill just means that there's room left in the bottle for nicotine shots (I use a menthol-y shot), I don't use the premixed ones as they work out more expensive for me.

Shops are usually happy to help though, depends if you're a heavy smoker or more of a 'I'll have one before bed and I'm done' smoker.

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