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Stop smoking

Anyone tried herbal tobacco?

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RepealRepealRepeal · 22/10/2018 00:19

I'm 30 days smoke free. I don't want a cigarette, I'm not craving nicotine, but I want to smoke. Has anyone tried herbal tobacco?

OP posts:
MistressDeeCee · 22/10/2018 00:43

I tried it years ago, it tasted terrible.

What about Vaping with zero nicotine e-liquid?

Djnoun · 22/10/2018 00:45

It's vile

Jackabilly13 · 23/11/2018 12:38

I was an NHS Stop Smoking Advisor. More relevantly, for your query, I used to be a heavy (25 a day) smoker, so I've been there. Many years ago, I had 3 cigarettes left to last me the day. One of my mates had a pack of "Honeyrose" herbal cigarettes. He persuaded me, without much effort, to swap 2 of my cigs for 19 of his Honeyrose. Bad move. They smell like a grassfire, they give no satisfaction, and I got thrown out of one pub (this was the 1970s) cos the landlord thought I was stinking the place out with suspicious substances.
Herbal cigarettes also contain carbon monoxide, tar, and various other "natural" toxins and carconigenic chemicals. They do not contain nicotine, which is the only reason anyone smokes.
If you are still smoke free, the good news is that most of the withdrawal symptoms are over. The habit side diminishes over a longer time scale. It takes around 3 months to extiguish a habit.
Hope you're doing okay. Good luck.

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