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Stop smoking

Feeling very nauseaus for the past 3 days. Is this normal?

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ILoveACupOfTea · 20/05/2018 13:08

I stopped smoking last Monday (almost a week) The first couple of days I felt fine. I have the nicorette 2g lozenges pack of 20 and I still have a few left. Some days I didn't need any, other days I've had maybe about 4 over the course of about 6 hours.

In the past 3 days I have been feeling incredibly nauseous, to the point I have almost been sick a couple of times as well as feeling absolutely exhausted. Is this normal? I have an appointment at the pharmacy tomorrow, but right now I just feel really unwell Sad

I have read up about smokers cold/flu, but I couldn't see anything about actually being sick?

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