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Stop smoking

Vape advice for former vaper

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TammySwansonTwo · 14/12/2017 11:54

Several years ago I managed to quit smoking with the help of vaping. My favourite was an innokin cool fire. I always had to use fairly high ohm coils and with lower coils it was way too harsh. Then it broke - I bought a kanger battery that even with higher coils, I couldn't manage. Ended up going back to smoking like an idiot.

I'm now looking for a new vape that's adjustable but most now appear to be sub-ohm which doesn't seem like a good idea for me!

Any suggestions?

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Lichtie · 14/12/2017 13:47

Mod isn't important it's the tank and coils.
I prefer sub ohm but the aspire K3 is a good tank if you don't.

TammySwansonTwo · 14/12/2017 13:48

Doesn't the voltage range etc of the vape affect which coils you can use though?

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ShakeYourTicTacs · 14/12/2017 13:50

I have an Arc Mini where I can change the voltage up and down.
I find this great because depending where I buy my liquid from I can make it less harsh or up it for more flavour.

Lichtie · 14/12/2017 13:51

All the mods nowadays are variable though. Google an Ohm chart which will show you which volts/wattage is best for your coil resistance and set at this. Or just do trial and error

TammySwansonTwo · 14/12/2017 14:11

Thanks everyone - will order something and experiment. I've had various tanks and mods over the years but can't remember which were good and which not so good, for me at least.

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NNchangedforthis · 16/12/2017 17:18

I like the aspire mini nautilus 2 tank - fab for mouth to lung and I’ve never used it for sub ohm. Basic battery should do, as long as you can change the volts up and down for preference.

HardAsSnails · 16/12/2017 17:27

I couldn't stand sub ohm vaping either.

I've been using a mini triton for yonks now, it's my absolute favourite tank (and I've tried many tanks!). Not so easy to get but uses nautilus or mini triton coils and is top filling which is so much easier than the original mini nautilus.

Any variable battery will do, all will go low enough to deal with non sub ohm vaping (called mouth to lung vaping).

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