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Stop smoking

Something to replace smoking

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TheseAreTheDays · 27/09/2017 22:17

I'm a SAHM mum to two kids,both at home full time atm,ie not in school yet. I don't smoke around them,I go outside to smoke one when they're busy playing or when they're in bed in evenings. I probably have 5ish in an average day.

I'm absolutely not saying being a SAHM is more stressful than working out of the house,but it sometimes feels like it's my only outlet/me time/get away from the madness during the day. So when I try to give up I find that one of them will have a sleepless night or one of them is bickering at the other non stop all day while I'm refereeing,and all I can think is that I want a cigarette! I know that's bad and I know it's not actually helping my stress levels(not to mention my health!) so I'm looking for ideas for something to replace it. Not an e-cig or anything like,I've gone cold turkey before,during 2 pregnancies and about 2 and half years breastfeeding total,so I know I can do it, I just need some tips on distractions etc to get me started. Any good quote of the day/motivation type apps (not necessarily stop smoking related,just a two minute distraction) or fifty pushups whenever I think of smoking,or anything that helped you.

Thanks so much,I really want to stick to it this time (after I've finished my current pack Blush

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TheseAreTheDays · 27/09/2017 22:27

Just to add,the kids don't know I smoke and I change coat and top when go out for one and brush teeth and wash hands and disinfect when come back in,and spray deodorant. I know that doesn't eliminate it 100% but I do try my best to minimise their second day hand smoke exposure as much as I can.

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Atenco · 28/09/2017 05:53

Well everyone recommends the Alan Carr book. Maybe you could give it a try

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