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Stop smoking

Is this normal when starting to vape?

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Piesy · 13/04/2017 23:31

Hello. Inspired by you guys I am Day 2 no ciggs. I was really suffering so went and bought a vaper today.
I must have looked pretty desperate as the guy at the shop sold me nicotine liquid at 10mgs.
Have to say I feel much less desperate but a bit nauseous. Is this common and does it pass?

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PencilsInSpace · 25/04/2017 18:50


RY4 in the tobacco flavours.

Piesy · 26/04/2017 19:05

I'm 2 weeks into vaping and just tried out my new Kanger Cupti sub-ohm. Omg. The sob-ohm kits don't piss around, do they.
I was used to my little mouth-to-lung tank vape and this has blown my lungs mind. I have got a watermelon with champagne juice...I feel like hitting a night club

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TheFormidableMrsC · 26/04/2017 19:24

Yay! Great news Piesy, decent kit and a good juice make it easy to quit the cigs. Well done!

Jins · 26/04/2017 19:37

I love sub ohm but it canes the battery and triples the amount of liquid I use so I ration it.

I was watching YouTube vape reviews the other day and one of them really loves her Cupti. Looks a great bit of kit. It's so different from when I first started and all you could get were cigalikes and rubbish ones at that

Piesy · 04/05/2017 14:02

Having so many problems with the Cupti. Juice coming through the coil, connection issues between coil and and base.. It has turned out to be incredibly unreliable. I am on the look out now to buy another sub ohm that won't let me down.

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adamb37 · 13/10/2017 15:15

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Piesy · 14/10/2017 01:04

Adam, have you got down to zero nicotine juice in just 6 months?
I've just cracked the six month mark no smoking but vaping, and have got down to 3mg juice.
I vape quite a lot, though. Pretty sure I would have failed to quit smoking or been very miserable without vaping.

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