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Stop smoking

Is this normal when starting to vape?

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Piesy · 13/04/2017 23:31

Hello. Inspired by you guys I am Day 2 no ciggs. I was really suffering so went and bought a vaper today.
I must have looked pretty desperate as the guy at the shop sold me nicotine liquid at 10mgs.
Have to say I feel much less desperate but a bit nauseous. Is this common and does it pass?

OP posts:
PolterGoose · 15/04/2017 08:30

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Ollivander84 · 15/04/2017 08:52

Grin my dentist knows I am petrified of treatment and also every time I go he asks if I'm still smoking and I'm "yes..." And he glares

Well I went in, he asks, I say no, and also can I be approved for whitening treatment. He nearly fell off his chair "you're not smoking? And you want treatment? Dear lord I need a lie down"

user1491572121 · 15/04/2017 08:55

In all honesty it took me a full year. I bought my vape and liked it...but every three days or so, I'd buy a pack of cigs. That was an improvement from my pack a day habit I carried on.

Then recently (almost a year into vaping) I suddenly went off smoking cigs...completely.

I had one and it was gross. I never thought I'd say that as I really did like smoking.

Now I just vape.

PencilsInSpace · 15/04/2017 09:14

3 1/2 years here, after smoking for well over 3 decades Halo

It might help to treat vaping differently from when you were smoking. I can get a bit queasy if I try vaping as I would have smoked - i.e. going out and hoovering it for 5 minutes solid. Most people do best if they vape little-and-often, e.g. a couple of drags every 15 minutes or so. Obviously if you're at work or somewhere else you can't vape this is more difficult.

Keep going, you're doing really well Star

PencilsInSpace · 15/04/2017 09:16

I started on 18mg and I'm still on 18mg, but I only vape at 8.8 watts

Ollivander84 · 15/04/2017 09:17

Just checked mine - 13w and 10mg
I do have some 12 and 18 that I use at work and 6mg at home (mainly because it was on sale and it's the nicest liquid ever) Grin

Piesy · 15/04/2017 23:01

What is your nicest liquid ever called?

OP posts:
Ollivander84 · 15/04/2017 23:06

Hall of fame - donut man but I think it may be discontinued now hence it being on sale Sad
I do also love triphammer butter shortbread and their tiger stripe flavour

Piesy · 16/04/2017 03:00

Isn't it interesting how much you dread the dental visit when you're a smoker. The judgement!
I am looking forward to saying that I've quit.
Working towards a whitening process would be a nice incentive.

OP posts:
Beelzebop · 21/04/2017 13:34

Hi OP, sorry for slow reply. Wanted to say that if you manage to stick it out on the vape with a nice flavour if you do have a cig it will taste yucky and feel really unsatisfying. I get my liquids from vapeclub online as you get points towards another purchase. I love the bakery stuff.
I used to smoke forty a day xxGrin

Piesy · 22/04/2017 14:53

Bezel, how long have you stopped smoking for now? Do you ever feel the urge to have a cigarette or does it now cross your mind anymore?

OP posts:
Ginmakesitallok · 22/04/2017 15:02

I stopped smoking almost 4 years ago- was smoking about 30 a day, smoked for just over 20 years. One day I was passing a vape stall and thought I'd give it a go. I've had 3 half cigs since then. Last one was on holiday 2 years ago- thought it would be lovely to sit on the balcony with a cigarette. Bought a pack of 10, lit one - put it out and put the rest in the bin. It was hideous! I don't miss smoking at all now - why would I?

I started on 18mg, now use 6mg - I stick pico with a melo 3 mini.

magimedi · 23/04/2017 17:30

Coming up for 5 years!!!

Started on 18mg & now on 6.

Have stuck with mini nautilus & Eleaf & am still faithful to The Sherlock - with an occasional bit of rhubarb & custard mixed in.

PolterGoose · 23/04/2017 17:36

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

TheFormidableMrsC · 23/04/2017 17:42

Another vaper here...! I stopped after 30 years of smoking around 15 a day (more at weekends, with wine). I went through a stage of 30 a day during my divorce and decided I had to stop I felt so rough (and also really couldn't afford it either). I've got an Endura T18 vape and use 88 Vape liquids that cost a pound. I have kind of stuck with the strawberry one having not got on with other flavours. I think it helps if you have decent kit, you really do notice the difference. My vape was £30 in the vape shop but I found it on Amazon for £15. I haven't had a fag in 8 months and am able to run again easily (for exercise purposes I mean!). I am on 18mg but am planning to start reducing that next week, will go to 11mg and see how I get on. I haven't craved a cigarette at all and indeed was standing behind somebody in a queue the other day who stank of smoke and was horrified that that was probably me 8 months ago! The financial savings are large and noticeable. I spend a total of approx £14 a month on vaping compared to tenner a day on cigarettes! Huge saving. The one thing I would advise is avoiding tobacco flavours, you need to get away from that taste and entirely change your habit..hence experimenting with a few different ones will help you do that. Good luck OP!

Jins · 23/04/2017 19:58

I agree that the financial savings are significant and I've been spending like a spendy thing in the last few weeks

Piesy · 23/04/2017 23:29

These stories are so good to read. I feel heavily dependent on my vaping but am feel pretty sure I'd still be smoking cigarettes and feeling miserable without it, so it's the lesser of two evils.
I am on tobacco flavour at the moment but really like the advice to move away from that.
I have bought another piece of kit to charge up, and some new flavours.
Without meaning to sound too dramatic.. vaping is my sanity at the moment. I'm sure life would go on without it if it wasn't possible, but it sure does help to have it.. a LOT Grin

OP posts:
TheFormidableMrsC · 24/04/2017 00:04

OP, I chain vaped when I started, but had a cheap and cheerful one to see if I could actually do it. Use it as often as you need to, go as high on nicotine as you need to, experiment with flavours, the 88 Vape ones I use are available in a vast array of high street stores and at a pound, you can afford to try a few and see how you get on. Definitely get away from the tobacco though, honestly, if you change your mindset on that, you'll not look back!

Destinysdaughter · 24/04/2017 11:33

These are such great stories, I wish pp would see that vaping is the one thing that has helped smokers quit more than anything and stop trying to ban the shit out of it!

PencilsInSpace · 24/04/2017 19:53

There are a few good tobacco-esque flavours and you shouldn't discount them if they turn out to be your thing. I pretty much exclusively vape a mix of Hangsen RY4 (tobacco + vanilla + caramel) and RY6 (which has changed its name to 'golden tobacco' and has a touch of the delicious harshness of a gauloise).

Magi's all day vape is 'The Sherlock' which is another tobacco-esque flavour (a bit too sweet for me).

Jins · 24/04/2017 21:39

I wish I could remember the tobacco from attempt no 1 which was about 7 years ago. It tasted great but I had a cigalike so that attempt failed.

TheFormidableMrsC · 24/04/2017 22:01

Piesy, thought just occurred to me..I have a few liquids that I have experimented with and not liked that are sitting in my cupboard. If you felt comfortable with PM'ing me your address, I would be more than happy to send them on for you to try. Would rather do that than let them go to waste. Up to you! Smile

Piesy · 25/04/2017 04:53

Formidable, you kind soul. I'm in N. America these days and they are well funny about vape products coming through the post. I almost had to give a dna sample to receive the one and only juice / kit order I've ordered online.
I hope that all the fuss around availability is to discourage nicotine addiction in under 20 year olds, rather than the juices have dangerous content... Confused

OP posts:
Piesy · 25/04/2017 18:12

Pencils, my mouth actually watered at your descriptions...

OP posts:
TheFormidableMrsC · 25/04/2017 18:13

Oh that's a pity, I probably wouldn't be able to send it from here due to posting regulations, which is a pity, because I would have been more than happy to do so, wherever you are. It is so widely available here, I am surprised not the same there to be honest. I hope you can keep up with it, it's the best thing I did.

If anybody wants my spare vape juices, please PM me Smile

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