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Stop smoking

Vaping during pregnancy

4 replies

Crystal15 · 21/09/2016 18:29

I'm climbing the walls with nicotine withdrawal here argh. I thought vaping was safe then I Googled and found a host of scary information so now I'm roughly 5 weeks pregnant with major nicotine withdrawals.

Somebody please tell me vaping is safe argh

OP posts:
BeezerBubble · 21/09/2016 21:41

Obviously quitting altogether is safest but latest guidance to midwives - (link on that page to PDF) recommends that smokers who find ecigs the best they can do, not be discouraged from vaping. Endorsed by multitude of Public Health agencies. The scary information is 99.9% crap.

FruitCider · 21/09/2016 21:45

I vaped when pregnant. I couldn't go cold turkey. They are not risk free, I won't tell you they are safe as truthfully no-one knows. But in the general population vaping is 95% less harmful than smoking. Only you can make the decision I'm afraid Flowers

Dontneedausername · 22/09/2016 15:43

I would, I wish vaping had been around when I was pregnant instead of sneaking cigarettes.

SuzanneF · 23/02/2017 12:02

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