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Stop smoking

E-cig for social smoking. What do you think?

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BeyondLovesSweetDee · 21/08/2016 11:44

DH called me a hipster when I suggested it...

I am a former smoker who struggles to stay 'former' in social situations. I then obsess about smoking even if I manage to resist it.

I know someone similar who has bought an e-cig for these kind of situations, so was considering doing the same

Is it a stupid idea?

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PolterGoose · 21/08/2016 11:48

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

magimedi · 21/08/2016 11:50

I know several people who have done this. They only smoke when they've had a drink & have moved to vaping. If you are subtle you don't even have to go out & stand in the cold when at the pub.

Branleuse · 21/08/2016 11:59

sounds like a good idea

BeyondLovesSweetDee · 21/08/2016 11:59

Thanks :)

DH is saying "just don't smoke if you don't want to". Hmm I don't think he gets it

Where do I start? Starter packs??

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PolterGoose · 21/08/2016 12:03

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

PolterGoose · 21/08/2016 12:06

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

BeyondLovesSweetDee · 21/08/2016 12:08

Thank you, I just saw it :)

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FurryDogMother · 21/08/2016 12:09

For a situation like this, I would suggest an Eleaf iNano - it's a tiny device with a small battery, but as you wouldn't be using it much, that's not an issue. I have one in rose gold, but they do a rather nice shocking pink version, too (as well as black, grey and stainless steel options). Get some 0 nicotine e-juice for it in a flavour you love - then you can go through the motions of smoking without actually exposing yourself to nicotine again. Not silly in the slightest - I think it's a good idea if you find yourself tempted to smoke.

quitecrunchy · 21/08/2016 12:20

Seconding the zero nicotine juice suggestion - then you get the vaping experience without having the temptation of the nicotine stowed away at home between social situations.

PlentyOfPubeGardens · 21/08/2016 12:32

Myepack are selling off Kanger ESmart kits for £10. The batteries are smaller than the eleaf iNano but you get 2 of everything and I think they'd suit an occasional social vaper very well.

BeyondLovesSweetDee · 21/08/2016 12:32

I've found a few zero nicotine flavours I like the sound of, that's what I'd planned to use.

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