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Stop smoking

quick question

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hoppy40 · 02/01/2016 15:44

Is it "safe " to vape in my house ?

OP posts:
PolterGoose · 02/01/2016 15:46

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Dontneedausername · 02/01/2016 15:46

Yes :) what is it you're worried about?
My partner and I both vape. House doesn't smell of anything.

hoppy40 · 02/01/2016 15:47

I've got dc in the house. Is it harmful to them?

OP posts:
Dontneedausername · 02/01/2016 15:48

I vape with 2 kids. But I don't blow massive clouds and tend to vape in the kitchen through the day. Vape away in the living room when they are in bed.

hoppy40 · 02/01/2016 15:52

Thank you. I cringed writing my post incase someone thought it a stupid question so I'm grateful for the response.

OP posts:
Dontneedausername · 02/01/2016 15:56

Are you vaping just now?

PolterGoose · 02/01/2016 15:56

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

magimedi · 02/01/2016 16:38

hoppy Absolutely no question is ever too stupid to be asked when it comes to vaping.


That is the roolz here Grin

I wouldn't blow clouds all over any kids but it's just water vapour that you are blowing out.

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