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Stop smoking

Two weeks!!!

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strawberrydaquari · 15/04/2015 12:41

I haven't smoked in two weeks. No one to tell in real life unfortunately

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PolterGoose · 15/04/2015 13:25

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

magimedi · 15/04/2015 13:26


Hope you are putting away the ££££ you have saved for a nice treat for yourself.

littlewaltham · 15/04/2015 13:29

Well done! The hardest part is over. Keep going. I am using a brilliant free app called Smoke Free it has helped keep me non smoking.

Boutonneux · 15/04/2015 14:20

Well done, that's amazing, you should be very proud of yourself Grin

Allergictoironing · 15/04/2015 16:15

Yay bet that feels good! Well done Grin Flowers

strawberrydaquari · 15/04/2015 19:00

Thanks very much. Unfortunately I haven't managed to save the money I would have spent but I'm using an app to help and it shows I would have spent almost £110 which is a ridiculous amount.
The health benefits it records is helping as well.

OP posts:
PlentyOfPubeGardens · 15/04/2015 20:15

Well done! Flowers

crispandfruity · 18/04/2015 12:18

Well done!!

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