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Vapers meet in SE England in the summer time.........

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magimedi · 08/02/2015 22:30

It's been mooted before now & again just recently.

I live close to Eastbourne & have mentioned a meet up here sometime when the weather gets a bit better.

I reckon, but have to confirm, that we could all go along to independent local vape shop for some shopping & I might be able to get you all a wee discount.

Allergic has 3 vape shops close to her - Kent way.

Megan has mentioned Brighton for a meet - I love Brighton, it's the most fun place of all to visit.

SO: Who is up for a vapers' meet in SE?

And where would you want to go?

Let's get that sorted & then try for some dates.

I am thinking of May or June.

OP posts:
Allergictoironing · 09/02/2015 07:52

Definitely up for that, whatever location we go for. Weather depending, seaside sounds fab Grin.

ineedausername · 09/02/2015 18:52

I'd be up for it... if someone wanted to pay my taxi from Aberdeen??!

magimedi · 09/02/2015 19:29

ineed - I used to live near to Aberdeen (or Yabbadabbadeen as DS used to call it) & I'd take a taxi up there in a heartbeat if I could afford it!

I loved my time up there.

It is possible that I may be coming up there for a visit this year _ do you fancy a meet if I do?

How many vape shops are there in Union Street? Or are they all in Torry? (which I gather has now gone quite up market - I left in '99).

It is on the condition that I can fill my face with rowies/butteries. I SO miss them.

OP posts:
ineedausername · 09/02/2015 20:51

Small world!
I lived in aberdeen all my life (Torry born and raised!) but i moved out to Westhill (about 10 miles out) about 5 years ago when we had kids :)

There is one on Union Street, opposite McDonalds and one on Schoolhill. Neither seem very knowledgeable tbh!.

I would definitely be up for a meet! Just let me know when.
If you want butteries posted i'd happily send you some.....

PolterGoose · 09/02/2015 21:00

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

PlentyOfPubeGardens · 09/02/2015 21:04

Allergic you must be quite close to me. I live in the south-eastern arse end of London.

I'm up for Kent and/or south coast. Not sure about Scotland, will come if I can.

magimedi · 09/02/2015 22:14

Tempt me not with butteries - I am trying to lose a bit of weight!

I lived in Dane Hill, followed by Newburgh - right by the Ythan Estuary, which I miss to this day.

OP posts:
Allergictoironing · 09/02/2015 22:20

Just outside the M25 nowadays, used to be south eastern arse end of London though (Chislehurst then Orpington) Grin. Just seem to have moved further east every house move.....

MeganChips · 11/02/2015 21:05

Definitely up for a meet and don't mind where we go! Is there a Kent/Sussex mid point? Tunbridge Wells?

Allergictoironing · 11/02/2015 21:34

Don't think there's any vape shops in Tunbridge Wells, and we do want to hang out in at least one Grin.

MeganChips · 13/02/2015 20:02

Well I'm happy with Eastbourne if that's easier for the Kent vapers? This should be fun! I might have to give an ileaf the glad eye.

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