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Stop smoking

Vaping, weighing, giving up for good

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Springheeled · 29/11/2014 22:29

Hi I am after some advice- re vaping. I don't ever want to smoke again but can't believe how sad, gloomy and dreary I feel! So if I were to cave in to the cravings I would want it to be with an ecig- but these baffle me. I have a disposal one in my bag, but all the talk on here is of liquids etc???? What are they?

Also, have those of you who have switched to ecigs put on weight?

I may be able to keep up the cold turkey but I don't like my mood much at the moment and would hate to snap and have a cig but would also hate to be a sad grumpy cow for ever too :(

OP posts:
Allergictoironing · 30/11/2014 07:50

Hi Springheeled. The subject can be quite confusing, as there's loads of options out there. There are certain things they all have in common - a battery part, an atomiser with a metal coil (powered by the battery) to heat & vaporise the liquid, and a container for the liquid.

To summarise the main different types, you have:

Disposables. These are single use e-cigs, with all 3 main components in one sealed unit. Definitely the most expensive way to vape as everything is thrown away after one use, and they tend to be very limited in the flavours etc. available. Tend to be used for emergencies e.g. a smoker who is somewhere they can't smoke, or a vaper whose kit isn't working while they are out.

Cig-a-likes. These are the e-cigs that are roughly the same size and shape as tobacco cigarettes, and what until recently almost everyone thought of when you talked about e-cigs.. The battery is re-chargeable, and the user buys disposable cartridges or cartomisers which contain the atomiser/coil unit and the liquid. These are a bit cheaper than disposables as you only throw away the cartridge when it's used up. Though the range is better than that for disposables, it's still quite limited on flavours.

For both disposables and cig-a-likes the vaping experience is OK-ish but not great, and many of the companies who just produce these get the carts and liquid made as cheaply as possible which can affect the quality.

Battery and tank systems. These e-cigs have a larger rechargeable battery and a separate re-fillable tank unit (also known as a clearmiser or clearo) which also contains the atomiser. The user buys the liquid separately and refills the tank as required, and often the atomiser part is replaceable too. Buying the liquids separately is significantly cheaper than buying replaceable carts, and as long as you use a recommended and reputable brand the quality should be fine.

The vaping experience is much better than either of the other types and there's a massive range of flavours and strengths available. There's various sizes, shapes and types of batteries and tanks out there and it can be really confusing to someone new to the subject.

Allergictoironing · 30/11/2014 07:54

Regarding weight, I don't think I know anyone who has put on weight by switching to e-cigs. The reason why most people put on weight when they quit even with NRT is because smoking isn't just about the physical addiction but the ritual and habit, usually called the "hand to mouth habit". This is just as hard if not harder to quit than the nicotine and with e-cigs you still get that element of smoking.

This is also why so many people who have tried and failed to give up smoking in the past with other methods (me included) find out that vaping is the answer Smile.

Springheeled · 30/11/2014 16:22

Thanks! But where would you buy all that sort of kit? I have seen ecigs in newsagents etc but only the disposable ones. All this talk of liquid v confusing!
I'm terrified of putting on loads of weight, very vain I know. I'd rather be larger and fit and well than smoke but I can't afford new clothes!

OP posts:
magimedi · 30/11/2014 16:46

Spring you will almost certainly have an independent local vape whop in your nearest town. Google for one & go & see them. They will be more than happy to show you how it all works.

I stopped 2 years ago, after 35+ years of smoking. All other attempts failed and I put on weight.

Since vaping not only have I not put on any weight at all - but have dropped a dress size as I can no exercise so much more. I now swim 1K 3 x a week & that is what has toned me up.

It is hugely confusing when you start - but come back here & ask away. No question is too stupid. All of us that are now comitted vapers had loads of worries about it being too complicated at the beginning.

PolterGoose · 30/11/2014 17:46

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Springheeled · 30/11/2014 19:36

Thanks for the suggestions, really helpful. I would just love to give up completely- I mean, of everything- but it's hard to contemplate staying cold turkey forever and ever-not least because of being in a permanently dreadful mood

OP posts:
magimedi · 30/11/2014 19:44

Spring - just get to a vape shop, get the kit & dual-fuel for a while (ie smoke your cigs & try the vaper.)

I know that I will never stop vaping, I am addicted to nicotine & can now get it in a form that is so much less harmful to me.

Try vaping, wean yourself off the cigs with it & then see how you feel.

plumstone · 01/12/2014 13:41

magimedi, you will be delighted to hear i am in proud possession of my sparkly new vape. There was a stand at Bond Street tue on route to work, and they also had minty flavouring so it will taste just like my normal smokes. The thought of watermelon or banana flavour filled me with dread! I am now charging on the lap top at work and am so looking forward to having my coffee and "smoke" without getting frozen at about 3pm.

Also, before I start puffing at my desk, I can definitely do this inside at work???

thanks for all your help on this!! xxx

PolterGoose · 01/12/2014 13:50

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

magimedi · 01/12/2014 13:50

Well done, Plum. Am sure you'll be OK at work.

Is it a cig alike disposable you've got or a refillable one?

How's the ear??

plumstone · 01/12/2014 14:17

refillable, so I can vary it Ear is still not right, if no better my Thursday I will go to the Docs - bloody annoying, especially as I have a busy week - but will not waste any time going outside to smoke Grin!

PlentyOfPubeGardens · 02/12/2014 20:16

Well done plum Flowers

Is that Bond Street in London? I'll have to go and have a look. We don't have very many vape shops in London but they are increasing slowly.

plumstone · 06/12/2014 18:16

Hi plenty, yes bond street tube has a pop up gape stand going on, which is conceniently 30 yards from office.

I do have a question, I feel I am vaping more than I smoke, like a draw/drag every 5/10 mins, is this normal???? .

PolterGoose · 06/12/2014 18:21

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

plumstone · 06/12/2014 20:28

Good good thanks! X

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