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New kit - bubbling disaster

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Soitchyscratchy · 02/10/2014 23:18

So, having tried vaping earlier this year (gave up due to horrible throat infection which I have since put down to acute dryness) , I have just invested in new kit after much research.
Vision spinner and evod glass.
No instruction were provided - so I have assembled as best I can using YouTube guides, and expected something amazing.
But , All I have is popping and bubbling and the sense that all is not as it should be.
Having looked at videos- other new evod's appear to come with coil units with obvious wicks sticking out of them. There is no sign of a wick on my coil - Have I missed something and need to buy these separately? Why am I having such difficulty ?
I SO want to give up fags, but this is proving far more complicated than I ever thought possible.
Would really really appreciate some advice please

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PolterGoose · 03/10/2014 07:27

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Allergictoironing · 03/10/2014 07:27

I found the following tips on a US store that may be useful....

•The metal tube in the center of this Clearomizer leads from the mouthpiece to the battery end. Avoid getting liquid in this tube when filling the Clearomizer.

•When unfastening the base (atomizer head) to refill the Clearomizer, the seals are temporarily broken and liquid will leak from the mouthpiece or escape into the center tube. Always wrap a cloth or piece of tissue around the mouthpiece when unfastening the base of the Clearomizer.

•Gurgling noise or leaks: This is a sign that liquid has found its way into the metal tube in the center of the Clearomizer (and usually occurs after a refill). Ridding the center tube of liquid will resolve the issue. To do so without emptying the tank, remove the Clearomizer from the battery, wrap a cloth or tissue around the battery end of the Clearomizer and blow through the mouthpiece.

•The atomizer head of the Kanger T3'D can unfasten when unscrewing the tube or base. Always secure the atomizer head before reinstalling the base of the Kanger T3'D.

•It is normal to find a small amount of liquid in the battery contact area when removing the Clearomizer or any atomizer. We recommend cleaning the battery before charging it.

•When possible, keep the tank full and never below 1/3 full of eLiquid ("topped off"). This helps maintain the "vacuum" in the tank and prevent leaks.

•Atomizer heads have an average lifespan between 10 to 20 days. When the atomizer head wears down, it may begin to leak. Replace the atomizer head with a new one if available.

Soitchyscratchy · 03/10/2014 10:28

Just like that Polter. But I can't see any sign of wicks poking out. I bought a set of replacement coils and they look exactly the same (ie no visible wick)
Is this right?
I have just cleaned all the components allergic so once I work out if its just me being a numpty or if there is something I've neglected to purchase I will have another bash at it.
One more thing - I have some juice (unopened) which I bought in Feb. will it still be ok to use or does it have a shelf life ?

New kit - bubbling disaster
OP posts:
Allergictoironing · 03/10/2014 10:38

The wick on many bottom coil atomisers is tiny, just the very end of it showing like a bit of fluff. Looking closely at the atomiser you'll see a plastic collar about half way down. The wick should be just below that with just the very end poking out a millimetre or 2.

I'm a lazy cow, I just use GS-H2s where I drop them in water overnight to clean them, & replace the atomiser unit when it dies.

PolterGoose · 03/10/2014 14:11

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Soitchyscratchy · 03/10/2014 14:22

Thanks so much for the advice.
..... So I have lost the gurgling / bubbling (yah!) but now there is a fiery popping sound when I activate the battery? Not that relaxing a sound. I was advised to dry burn a bit in case there was bit of flooding around the coil - not sure if that was such a good idea.
Any thoughts ?

OP posts:
PolterGoose · 03/10/2014 14:27

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Soitchyscratchy · 03/10/2014 14:57

It had been rinsed out and left it to dry but I suspect it still had some juice in it ? Thanks Polter - really grateful for your responses I was hoping it would all be a little more straight forward than this .....and I so want to get it right so I can give up fags.

OP posts:
PolterGoose · 03/10/2014 15:03

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Allergictoironing · 03/10/2014 15:29

You've gone out & got some really decent kit, but tbh you may want to consider getting not quite as brilliant but much simpler kit until you get settled to vaping. I really wouldn't change the battery, the Vision Spinner is my no. 1 favourite & if you don't want to fiddle with the voltage you can just turn it to minimum for a bit.

The clearo you've got is a decent one, but like many decent glass clearos it needs taking apart for cleaning & putting back together again occasionally. So you may want to invest in some cheaper simpler ones to start with - and that way no fiddling about & rinsing them out when you swap flavours Grin

magimedi · 03/10/2014 16:19

I use exactly the same dual coil atomiser as you, soitchy & you can just see the ends of the wick protruding at the bottom of the atomiser when it is screwed on to your battery.

PolterGoose · 03/10/2014 16:28

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

magimedi · 03/10/2014 17:03

I must have an older version than, as there's deffo a bit of wick poking out - IYKWIM Wink

PolterGoose · 03/10/2014 17:09

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Soitchyscratchy · 03/10/2014 19:22

Thanks Allergic. It's is actually my second attempt at vaping. The first one was with a basic ego kit which was easy and worked a treat .... Until my mouth and throat put up an enormous fight and I was forced to stop vaping. Interesting what's been said about raising the vg% with the spinner was a conscious decision of mine to try and get something which coped with a higher vg content as I suspect I may not tolerate pg too well. Who knows, time will tell I guess......

OP posts:
Soitchyscratchy · 03/10/2014 19:27

Anyone got a great recommendation for a 50/50 liquid. Am trying a trip hammer one at the mo - poor flavour choice of mine but if generally it's a good label, the I will keep trying until I find the flavour for me :-)

OP posts:
ineedausername · 03/10/2014 19:57

i seem to just vape triphammer at the moment. What flavour are you using? I love Trifle bakewell and Pink custard. Both at 18mg :)

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