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Help! Is this ok for a starter?

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Meh84 · 21/07/2014 16:28

I'm having real trouble with my nicorette patches staying in this hot weather :(

Can anyone have a look at this pic and let me know if this is ok for a starter please? Also have in my basket 10ml of cherry, strawberry and rolling tobacco flavour liquids.

Thanks x

Help! Is this ok for a starter?
OP posts:
Allergictoironing · 21/07/2014 17:13

Hi Meh84. VIP is usually pretty expensive, but they seem to have cut their prices so that isn't too bad value and that's a really decent sized battery. One thing to consider though is that you really need 2 batteries as you need something to use when one is on charge - can take up to 4 hours with the bigger batteries, and it's not recommended to leave them on overnight.

So most of us on here recommend something like THIS as a starter kit. Yes it will cost you £9 more, but you get 2 (admittedly smaller) batteries and the tanks have replaceable coils, of which you get spares Grin.

With regard to the liquids, the site you show has 2 strengths shown - 24mg and 16mg. Which strength you go for should be dependant very roughly on how much you smoke (used to smoke in your case), and you need to remember that as nicotine is absorbed very differently depending on method used, that cig/patch/e-cig rates are NOT the same.

A typical 20 a day smoker will usually get on best with around 18mg e-liquid as a rough guide, and on average get through round about 20ml a week (ish).

PlentyOfPubeGardens · 21/07/2014 19:56

If you've been doing ok with patches you might not want to switch to something with as much of a 'hit' as an ecig - it also might reinforce some behaviours that you have struggled to overcome IYSWIM (us vapers quite like the old hand-to-mouth thing). Have you thought of gum or lozenges? I'd say they are the next gentlest nicotine top-up after patches and are very different from smoking, behaviour-wise.

If you do want to vape though, what Allergic said. The kit you link to will do the job but it's not great value. The evod kit will keep you going for quite a while or, if you don't want to spend that much, get two of these. Good luck and do come back with any questions.

Meh84 · 21/07/2014 20:56

Thanks so much for your comments :)

Really appreciate it, it's a mine field to me! x

OP posts:
Allergictoironing · 22/07/2014 07:39

It was the same for all of us when we started. NO question is too silly!

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