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Stop smoking

which mod?

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velouria · 27/06/2014 17:55

I think thats what they are called, I have itaste one like this atm, bought for me by my ex.

It works pretty well, but would like a spare, are there any good cheapish ones? It seems to give a lot better vape than the cheapo starter kit I had, am a noob, only been using it for a week, still have a couple of cigs a day.

OP posts:
Raia · 27/06/2014 20:05

I love my Vamo v5, highly recommended Smile I have an MVP too but only use it occasionally because I prefer the Vamo.

PlentyOfPubeGardens · 27/06/2014 20:47

I also have a vamo v5 and an MVP and much prefer the MVP Grin

If you just want a cheapo spare for when your MVP is charging, have you considered an ego twist or vision spinner? The two are basically the same thing - you have VV round the bottom but no digital display, ohms reader etc. They are the size of a normal ego battery.

What do you care most about? Battery life? VV/VW? looks? Weight? something else?

Have you discovered FastTech yet?

velouria · 27/06/2014 23:07

What is an MVP? googled but got some very random responses. I quite like the vamo v5, I care more about the vapour I suppose, didn't seem to get much from the ego battery I had, was a bit feeble.

Would certainly consider the spinners etc if they are better than the ego batteries.

Still amazed that this whole think actually works for smoking less, although could do without the irritating ex boring on about it at every opportunity, makes me want to smoke cigars Grin.

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velouria · 27/06/2014 23:10

Also I have a couple of vivi nova tanks I swap between, are the cheaper evod ones just as good? Would like a few spares, the viv novas are like £10 each at the local place, I will put in a fasttech ordr when I have some cash.

OP posts:
Raia · 27/06/2014 23:11

The MVP is what you've got Grin

velouria · 27/06/2014 23:13

ahh lol

OP posts:
Raia · 27/06/2014 23:17

I dunno, I've only been vaping a few months so am no expert (Plenty is much more knowledgeable about it all) but I think the clearo, coil head and juice are probably more important for flavour/vapour than the choice of battery (although having variable voltage/wattage definitely matters).

PlentyOfPubeGardens · 28/06/2014 19:25

Have a look at MyEpack - they sell a very good range of different clearos, probably as cheap as you will get without ordering from China. Choice of clearo seems to be a very personal thing. It's probably worth getting 2 or 3 different sorts and seeing what you prefer. Lower resistance (ohms) coils will produce more vapour too.

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