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Stop smoking

Putting on weight - inevitable ?

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Coco0123 · 21/06/2014 18:07

I'm on day 12 after quitting from reading Allan Carrs Easyway. Really going well this time and after a few other failed attemps I'm hoping I've finally kicked it for good.
However, I've been shocked to find that after just these 12 days I have put on 5 pound already Shock I am not eating excessively anymore than I always did while smoking, and to keep busy I'm barely finding the time to sit down! (gardening, house cleaning etc round the clock!). In fact, after the week I 've had I'm sure I'd have lost a few pound by all the activity if I was still smoking!

So, after a bit of googling it seems that even without increasing what you eat you will gain on average 5-10 pounds during the first few months of stopping. Smoking speeds up your metabolism and when you quit it all goes a bit messed up and takes a few months to get to a normal state apparently.

Anyone managed to quit without much weight gain? Share your tips!
I've smoked for over 20 years - 15/20 a day so I suppose my whole metabolism will take some time to get to any normal state.
Would love to hear how the rest of you are getting on.

OP posts:
PlentyOfPubeGardens · 21/06/2014 20:34

Hi Coco well done that's brilliant! Flowers Are you keeping track of how many fags you haven't smoked/how much money you have saved? It's a great motivator.

You are correct that nicotine speeds up your metabolism and when you stop consuming it you will naturally put on some weight unless you simultaneously change your diet.

I think you have three choices:

1 - use NRT or an ecig
2 - change your diet while simultaneously giving up smoking
3 - accept that you will probably gain a bit of weight in the short term, lose the weight later

Option 1 isn't really compatible with the Allan Carr method and option 2 is likely to be really hard work. If I were you I would go for option 3 - just be really kind to yourself for a while, you're doing a fantastic thing for your health in quitting smoking.

I'm on ecigs (8 1/2 months) and, while most of the vapers on here didn't put any weight on, I gained about 1/2 a stone but lost it quickly again as I got the energy to be more active. Also as my sense of taste came back I was in the mood for smaller tasty meals rather than big bland comforting plates of stodge.

Coco0123 · 21/06/2014 21:52

Hi Plenty well done to you too - 8 1/2 months is great and to have gained (and lost!) just half a stone is fantastic!

I've got a free app that shows savings/how many I haven't smoked and it's shocking, it really is such a great motivator!

That really puts it into perspective for me - your clear 3 point choices of what to do about this weight gaining dilema, thank you! And yes, number 3 is going to be the likely route to follow.

I'm not one who's ever going to be up for the gym. But will continue being more active as can't give up the few treats i've always been used to having! Pity it's sodding summer and clothes are skimpier to immediately show the quick weight gain Grin Winter would be a better time to quit!

OP posts:
Perihelion · 21/06/2014 22:44

Don't totally discount the gym/exercise though. Not that I've been to a gym for years.......but since stopping smoking 4 months ago ( e-fags ), I've noticed that my stamina when I'm swimming has vastly improved. Used to do a lenght or two and stop because frankly I was out of breath. Now I swim front crawl for 1/2 hour, with no break. And there's a man Who has swum at the same time as me for years, who was always faster and I'd always let him overtake. Now I have to stop myself from asking what's wrong with him as I'm doing all the overtaking. Exercising while breathing with functioning lungs isn't such torture.

WorraLiberty · 21/06/2014 22:47

So, after a bit of googling it seems that even without increasing what you eat you will gain on average 5-10 pounds during the first few months of stopping.

I can honestly say, I didn't gain a pound.

But even if I had, so what? Tackle giving up first and worry about anything else later.

You're doing brilliantly, keep it up Thanks

Coco0123 · 21/06/2014 22:57

Perihelion well done, you have done fantastic and so utterly brilliant to hear how you can totally see the positive impact on your health giving up has done for you.
I love swimming and it is something I might try again now. But how on earth do you manage 1/2 hour with no break! Think I'd be out on a stretcher from the place if I attempted that :-)
My lungs are feeling better already, can take a huge intake of breath without coughing/getting itchy weeze, not been able to do that for years.

OP posts:
Coco0123 · 21/06/2014 23:05

Thanks for that WorraLiberty Smile
Yes, you are totally right, what the hell is a few pounds in weight worth worrying about? I'm gonna steer clear from the scales for a while though.

My metabolism must be so sensitive/peculiar though Confused my stomach is really bloated tonight, I look about half way through a pregnancy Blush and this is with no over eating and keeping super active! I hope to god this subsides soon!

OP posts:
Perihelion · 22/06/2014 11:47

Coco apart from smoking, I was reasonably active. Daily dog walks, job with alot of walking and regular swimmimng. It seems my muscles were ready to work harder so long as they could get the oxygen. I too am amazed that I can swim for half an hour. I'm not fast, but over several weeks it's become doable, with only a tired body at the end, rather than burning lungs/throat.

TulipOHare · 22/06/2014 12:02

I quit about 15 months ago and it happened to me! I did use an ecig and still do, but I buy low-nicotine or zero-nicotine so obviously wasn't enough to keep things ticking along Confused

I gained about 9 or 10lb and it definitely did bother me. Have got most of it off now by doing 5:2 but still not quite where I want to be.

Of course it is worth it...more money, smell nicer, teeth stay cleaner, can walk further and faster etc etc.

Jayne35 · 23/06/2014 12:11

Well done Coco0123 on your two weeks Smile. I am on day 23 today and was also worried about the possible weight gain as I am already quite a bit overweight.

I bought a bike and my DH and I go out for 20-30 mins almost every day, also he used to walk the dog alone so now I go with him. I am hoping that the extra energy and better lung function will help me to be more active and lose the extra weight.

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