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Stop smoking

Entering my 3rd day!

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ineedausername · 06/06/2014 14:59

No real fags since Tuesday pm! I've not smoked for almost 3 days.
I have never ever managed this long before, Vaping was absolutely the best choice for me.
Thanks for everyone's help :)

OP posts:
Jayne35 · 06/06/2014 15:40

Well done, I'm on day 6 today. Last cig on 31st May and I'm vaping too, don't know why I never tried it before as the last time I tried to give up I went cold turkey and was hell to live with. Smile

Shonajay · 06/06/2014 18:09

Well done both of you! I smoked for 30 years and am now fag free three months. It's the first time I've KNOWN I'm never going back, it was like a eureka moment lol! X

Allergictoironing · 06/06/2014 18:13

4 months for me almost to the day. Was offered a fag today & was amused because though I didn't recoil in horror there was an automatic "thanks but no thanks" from me - not a split second's thought or hesitation in turning it down. As someone who'd been smoking for nigh on 40 years until this Feb....... Grin

StealthPolarBear · 06/06/2014 18:15

Well done all keep it up :)

PlentyOfPubeGardens · 06/06/2014 19:38

Brilliant progress everyone, well done! Flowers

I've just passed the 8 month mark - the longest I have ever managed since I was 12 Smile

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