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Stillbirth and neonatal death

It's now been one year and still no post mortem results

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movingonfromloss · 23/03/2023 10:26

One year ago today my beautiful boy was born asleep, and I still have no post mortem results. I have chased, and chased, and chased to no avail. They keep telling me that there are huge delays and they'll ring me as soon as they're back. How long is too long? Surely a year is unacceptable? How do I approach this?

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movingonfromloss · 23/03/2023 11:52

Not sure if there is a better place to ask for advice but just bringing this back in listings incase anyone can help.

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MaybeBabyTwo · 23/03/2023 11:54

I'm so sorry for your loss, and for this completely unacceptable wait time. I know there is a big delay nationally but it feels exceptionally cruel for mothers waiting for news on their babies.

You might be better trying to find support/advice in a specialised place - somewhere like SANDS? I know that Lucy Easthope also posted something about this on her twitter recently.

I'm sorry not to be of more help. You're in my thoughts. X


movingonfromloss · 23/03/2023 12:16

Thank you. I've just emailed SANDS

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RandomMess · 23/03/2023 12:26

Have you contacted PALS at the hospital?

I am so sorry for your loss Sad having to wait such a length of time is awful both for your grief and it could inform future choices around pregnancy and birth.


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